Last updated on 29 July, 2009.

The Organizing Committee of Joint AIRAPT-22 and HPCJ-50 invites researchers in the field of high pressure science and technology to submit their contributions to the Conference.

The program will include invited plenary and topical lectures, parallel sessions, poster sessions, and exhibits of equipment and products, as well as several symposia.

Contributed papers will be classified and organized by the program committee.
T01 - Structure and phase transition
T02 - New developments using neutron and synchrotron sources
T03 - Electrical and magnetic properties
T04 - Optical and acoustic properties
T05 - Molecular and organic solids
T06 - Liquid and amorphous materials
T07 - Water and ices
T08 - Thermophysical properties of fluids
T09 - Supercritical fluids
T10 - Geophysical and planetary science
T11 - Computational materials science
T12 - Chemical reaction and kinetics
T13 - Synthesis of new organic and inorganic materials
T14 - Superhard materials
T15 - Superconducting and novel materials
T16 - Dynamic pressure and shock wave
T17 - Bioscience an food technology
T18 - Hot and cold isostatic pressing process
T19 - Apparatus and instrumentation
T20 - High pressure scale