Last updated on 29 July, 2009.

Time Table

*All the registered participants are invited to the welcome reception.

Scientific Program
Sunday, July 26
15:00 - 18:00 Registration
17:00 - 19:00 Welcome Reception

Monday, July 27
8:45 Registration
Session 1A – Opening session
9:30 Opening Ceremony
10:00 27A01 Bridgman Award Lecture
Russell J.Hemley
Percy W.Bridgman’s Second Century
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20   JSHPST Award Lecture
Development of multianvil technology and its application to deep Earth mineralogy and novel materials synthesis
JSHPST: The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology
12:20 Lunch Break
Session 2A – Symposium: Crystallography of inorganic materials (1)
14:00 27A11 H.Maynard, C.L.Bull, M.Guthrie, E.Gregoryanz, L.F.Lundegaard, I.Loa, G.Stinton, M.I.McMahon, J.S.Loveday
The High-Pressure Crystallography of Methane (Invited)
14:40 27A12 M.Amboage, A.K.Kleppe, A.P.Jephcoat
Structural and Vibrational Properties of Condensed Phases in Xenon Molecular Binary Systems: He-Xe, H2-Xe
15:00 27A13 N.Dubrovinskaia, E.Yu.Zarechnaya, L.Dubrovinsky, N.Miyajima, S.Van Smaalen, Y.Filinchuk, D.Chernyshov, V.Dmitriev
Synthesis and structure of high pressure boron with covalent bonds
15:20 27A14 A.Sano, T.Yagi, T.Okada, H.Gotou, H.Kagi, T.Nagai, T.Kikegawa
Change in compression in M3+OOH oxyhydroxide and implication for hydrogen bond symmetrization
Session 2B – Inorganic synthesis (1)
14:00 27B11 B.Winkler, E.A.Juarez-Arellano, A.Friedrich, L.Bayarjargal, M.Koch-Mueller, M.Avalos-Borja
Synthesis of binary transition metal carbides in laser-heated diamond anvil cells (Invited)
14:40 27B12 G.Serghiou, A.J.McGaff, N.Russell, C.Guillaume, D.J.Frost, J.P.Morniroli
Preparation of new alloys and nitrides at high pressures and temperatures
15:00 27B13 M.Hasegawa, H.Otsuka, K.Niwa, T.Yagi
Synthesis and crystal growth of inorganic materials using supercritical fluid at high pressure and temperature using LASER-DAC
15:20 27B14 D.A.Dzivenko, A.Zerr, R.Riedel
High-Pressure Synthesis and Properties of Oxygen-Bearing c-Zr3N4 and c-Hf3N4
Session 2C – Spectroscopy at high pressure (1)
14:00 27C11 K.Matsuishi, S.Umeda, S.Nakano
Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on Structural and Optical Properties of Inorganic-Organic Quantum Dot Crystal (CH3NH3)4PbI6·2H2O
14:20 27C12 I.Hernandez, N.J.Rolfe, W.P.Gillin, M.J.Heeney
High pressure spectroscopic study of hydrogenated and deuterated OLED materials Mq3 (M = Al, Ga, In, q = 8-hydroxyquinolinate)
14:40 27C13 T.Kobayashi, T.Sekine
Luminescence Spectra of Eu2+-Containing Materials under Pressure
15:00 27C14 M.Millot, J.M.Broto, J.Gonzalez, A.Segura
Magneto-optical experiments under high pressure
15:20 27C15 N.Nissim, S.Eliezer, L.Bakshi, D.Moreno, L.Perelmutter, M.P.Pasternak
Development of ellipsometry for static high pressure studies
Session 2D – Techniques: High-T and High-P generation
14:00 27D11 L.Dubrovinsky, N.Dubrovinskaia
Portable laser heating system for diamond anvil cells (Invited)
14:30 27D12 G.Shen, L.Wang, M.Lerche, M.Guthrie, R.J.Hemley, H.K.Mao
A Portable Laser Heating System (Invited)
15:00 27D13 T.Irifune, T.Kunimoto, F.Isobe, T.Shinmei, H.Ohfuji, N.Nishiyama, A.Kuri, H.Sumiya, T.Yagi
Synthesis of nano-polycrystalline diamond in large-volume multianvil apparatus and its application to various types of high-pressure apparatus
15:20 27D14 T.Kawazoe, S.Karato
Shear Deformation Experiment up to 18 GPa and 2100 K using a Rotational Drickamer Apparatus (RDA)
15:40 Coffee Break
Session 3A – Symposium: Crystallography of inorganic materials (2)
16:00 27A16 J.B.Parise, L.Ehm, C.J.Benmore, S.M.Antao, M.F.Michel
Quantitative Measurements of Phase Transitions in Nano- and Glassy Materials (Invited)
16:40 27A17 I.Loa, M.I.McMahon, A.Bosak
Origin of the incommensurate modulation in tellurium-III and Fermi surface nesting in a simple metal
17:00 27A18 T.Bovornratanaraks, K.Kotmook, K.Yoodee, M.I.McMahon, D.Ruffolo
High Pressure Structural Studies of AgInTe2
17:20 27A19 P.Dera, B.Lavina, O.Tschauner
Post-corundum transformations in transition metal oxides
17:40 27A20 H.Yusa, T.Tsuchiya, N.Sata, Y.Ohishi
New trends in dense structures in sesquioxides: Experiments and theory
Session 3B – Inorganic synthesis (2)
16:00 27B16 Y.Inaguma, M.Yoshida, T.Tsuchiya, A.Aimi, T.Katsumata
High-Pressure Synthesis and Characterization of novel LiNbO3-type oxides (Invited)
16:40 27B17 A.Haberer, H.Huppertz
Synthesis and structure of the first ytterbium fluoride borate Yb5(BO3)2F9
17:00 27B18 S.Yamanaka, A.Yasuda, H.Miyata
High Pressure Synthesis and Properties of Ternary Titanium (III) Fluoride
17:20 27B19 X.Y.Liu
High Pressure and its Application in Inorganic Synthesis
17:40 27B20 C.Wang, X.Y.Liu
High-Pressure and High-Temperature Synthesis and Structure Characterization of Chiral Lutetium Disilicate Lu2Si2O7
18:00 27B21 G.Demazeau, I.Presniakov
High Oxygen Pressure in Materials Chemistry
Session 3C – Spectroscopy at high pressure (2)
16:00 27C16 H.Okamura, M.Matsunami, R.Kitamura, S.Ishida, T.Nanba
Infrared studies of f electron systems under high pressure using synchrotron radiation (Invited)
16:40 27C17 S.V.Ovsyannikov, A.Polian, P.Munsch, J.C.Chervin, G.Le Marchand
Raman spectroscopy of B12As2 and B12P2 single crystals at pressures to 100 GPa
17:00 27C18 E.Del Corro, J.González, M.Taravillo, E.Flahaut, V.G.Baonza
Interpretation of Raman Spectra of Carbon Nanotubes under Uniaxial Extreme Conditions
17:20 27C19 P.Zinin, N.Chigarev, V.Gusev, L.Ming, G.Amulele, A.Bulou
Evaluation of Elastic Properties of Iron in Diamond Anvil Cell by a Laser Ultrasonics Technique
17:40 27C20 A.Yoneda
Pore effect on macroscopic physical properties I: Composite elasticity determined using a two dimensional buffered layer FEM model
Session 3D – Techniques: Physical properties
16:00 27D16 C.Weikusat, M.Burchard, S.Klotz, R.Miletich, U.A.Glasmacher, C.Trautmann, R.Neumann
Experimental heavy-ion irradiation in the Paris-Edinburgh press: first results (Invited)
16:40 27D17 M.Mito, S.Tominaga, Y.Komorida, H.Deguchi, S.Takagi, Y.Nakao, Y.Kosaka, J.Akimitsu
Nonlinear Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements at High Pressures of GPa Level
17:00 27D18 S.Yomo, S.W.Tozer
Moissanite-anvil Cells for the Electrical Transport Measurements at Low Temperatures
17:20 27D19 Y.Nakamura, A.Takimoto, M.Matsui
Rheology and Non-Hydrostatic Pressure Evaluation of Solidified Oils Including Daphne Oils by Observing Microsphere Deformation
17:40 27D20 R.Wiśniewski, T.Wilczyńska
The high-pressure viscometer up to 400MPa with primary method of viscous moment measurements

Tuesday, July 28
Session 4A – Symposium: Fe-based new high-Tc superconductors
9:00 28A01 H.Takahashi, Y.Takahashi, K.Igawa, K.Arii, H.Okada, Y.Kamihara, M.Hirano, H.Hosono, Y.Uwatoko, K.Matsubayashi
Pressure effect for Superconducting Oxypnictide LaFeAsO1-xFx and Related Materials (Invited)
9:20 28A02 N.Takeshita, K.Miyazawa, H.Kito, A.Iyo, H.Eisaki
Pressure dependence of TC in fluorine-free LnFeAsO1-y
9:40 28A03 L.Sun, W.Yi, C.Zhang, Z.Ren, X.Dong, Z.Zhao
Pressure Effect on Superconductivity of Iron-based Arsenic-oxide ReFeAsO1-xFx(Re=La, Ce, Sm and Nd)
  28A04 Cancelled
10:00 28A05 T.Yamazaki, K.Kondo, H.Fukazawa, K.Hirayama, Y.Kohori, N.Takeshita, K.Miyazawa, P.M.Shirage, K.Kihou, H.Kito, H.Eisaki, A.Iyo
75As-NMR study of the iron pnictide Ba1-xKxFe2As2 under High Pressure
10:20 28A06 S.J.Zhang, X.C.Wang, L.X.Yang, Q.Q.Liu, F.Y.Li, C.Q.Jin
Effect of pressure on Tc of new iron arsenide superconductor LiFeAs
Session 4B – Inorganic materials with common structure
9:00 28B01 H.Kojitani, A.Enomoto, S.Tsukamoto, M.Akaogi, H.Miura, H.Yusa
High-pressure High-temperature Phase Relations in MgAl2O4
9:20 28B02 C.Q.Jin, J.S.Zhou, Q.Q.Liu, J.G.Zhao, L.X.Yang, Y.Yu, T.Katsura, E.Itho, J.B.Goodenough
New perovkite compound obtained at high pressure & its implication to the origin of ferromagnetism in ruthenates
9:40 28B03 F.Zhang, M.Lang, J.Lian, R.C.Ewing
Order-disorder transition and phase transitions in pyrochlore oxide A2B2O7 at extreme conditions
10:00 28B04 R.Klein, R.Miletich, R.Neumann
Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation of Pressurized Boron Nitride
10:20 28B05 R.Rao, A.Garg, T.Sakuntala
High Pressure behaviour of Bismuth Titanate (Bi12TiO20)
Session 4C – New developments using neutron and synchrotron sources
H.Kagi & Y.Katayama
9:00 28C01 D.L.Farber, M.Krisch, D.Antonangeli, J.Badro, G.Fiquet
Lattice dynamics at ultra-high pressures: Quantification of phonon energies using high-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering
9:20 28C02 C.E.Lesher, S.J.Gaudio, A.Yamada, A.A.Clark, T.Sanehira, M.Rivers, Y.Wang
X-ray microtomography at high pressure
9:40 28C03 Y.LeGodec, G.Bromiley, S.Y.Chen, G.Hamel, S.Klotz, D.Martinez-Garcia, M.Mezouar, J.P.Perrilat, J.Philippe, S.A.T.Redfern, V.L.Solozhenko
Next generation portable large volume high-P/T/stress cells at ESRF for extreme chemistry, materials and Earth sciences
10:00 28C04 I.Watanabe, Y.Ishii, T.Kawamata, T.Suzuki, F. L. Pratt, R.Done, C.Mohammad, C.Goodway, J.Dreyer, C.Smyth, M.Southern
Development of High-Pressure μSR Setup at RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility
10:20 28C05 T.Yagi, T.Nagai, T.Inoue, Y.Katayama, T.Iitaka
Earth Science Based on High-Pressure and High-Temperature Neutron Experiments - A New Project Using J-PARC –
Session 4D – Structure and dynamics of supercritical fluids and liquids
9:00 28D01 M.Inui, Y.Kajihara, Y.Azumi, K.Matsuda, K.Tamura
Wide and small angle X-ray scattering measurements of supercritical water using synchrotron radiation
9:20 28D02 K.Osawa, T.Fujisawa, M.Terazima, Y.Kimura
Spectroscopic Study of Solvation in Supercritical Water and Supercritical Methanol
9:40 28D03 K.Yoshida, N.Matubayasi, Y.Uosaki, M.Nakahara
Self-Diffusion for Water and Organic Solvents in Sub- and Supercritical Conditions Studied by High-Temperature NMR method
10:00 28D04 G.G.Simeoni, F.A. Gorelli, M.Santoro, M.Krisch, T.Scopigno, T.Bryk, G.Ruocco
Dynamics and thermodynamics in supercritical fluids: the role of the Widom's line
10:20 28D05 Y.Uosaki, K.Enoki
Thermophysical Properties of Liquid N-Methylformamide under High Pressure
Session 5A – Symposium: Metal to Insulator transitions and superconductivity
11:00 28A07 T.Matsuoka, K.Shimizu
Metal to Semiconductor Transition in Dense Lithium (Invited)
11:20 28A08 V.V.Struzhkin, A.G.Gavriliuk
Insulator-metal transitions in oxides
11:40 28A09 M.Debessa, T.Matsuoka, J.J.Hamlin, W.Bi, Y.Meng, K.Shimizu, J.S.Schilling
Pressure-Induced Superconductivity in Europium Metal
12:00 28A010 F.Honda, H.Muranaka, S.Yoshiuchi, M.Measson, Y.Nakano, Y.Hirose, Y.Ota, T.Nakamura, E.Yamamoto, Y.Haga, N.Tateiwa, T.Takeuchi, K.Shimizu, R.Settai, Y.Onuki
Pressure-induced superconductivity in f-electron systems: cases of CePd5Al2, CeNiGe3 and CeRhGe2
Session 5B – Structure of lanthanoid pnictides and chalcogenides
11:00 28B06 J.Hayashi, T.Toyama, K.Takeda, I.Shirotani, Y.Ohishi
Pressure-induced phase transition of SmBi with a NaCl-type structure (Invited)
11:20 28B07 S.Singh, Aneesh.K, R.K.Singh
Structural Phase Transition in NdAs
11:40 28B08 H.Cynn, M.Lipp, W.Evans
High pressure crystal structure of PrN: comparison to lanthanide structures
12:00 28B09 D.Varshney, S.Shriya, G.Joshi, N.Kaurav, R.K.Singh
Pressure induced Structural transition in Lanthanide Chalcogenides
Session 5C – Computational materials science
11:00 28C06 A.R.Oganov
Prediction of Unexpected High-Pressure Phases (Invited)
11:20 28C07 J.Sun, D.Klug, R.Martonak
High Pressure Transformations in Carbon: A Metadynamics Study
11:40 28C08 Y.Yao, J.Tse, K.Tanaka, D.Klug
The structure and electron properties of Li at high pressure revisited
12:00 28C09 T.Iitaka
GPU-accelerated large-scale quantum molecular dynamics simulation of 3-dimensional C60 polymers
Session 5D – Superhard materials
11:00 28D06 V.Solozhenko
High-pressure synthesis of superhard phases. Recent achievements (Invited)
11:20 28D07 L.C.Ming, P.V.Zinin, X.Liu
Synthesis of Dense BCx Phases under High-Pressure and High-Temperature
11:40 28D08 T.Taniguchi, Y.Kubota
Growth of cubic boron nitride crystals by using metal solvents under high pressure with temperature gradient method
12:00 28D09 O.Fukunaga, S.Takeuchi
Nucleation of Cubic Boron Nitride in the Non-metallic and Metallic Solvents
12:20 Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:40 Poster Session 28P
15:40 Coffee Break
Session 6A – Novel phase transitions (1)
16:00 28A16 C.Wu, P.Soderlind, J.N.Glosli, J.E.Klepeis
Shear-Induced Anisotropic Plastic Flow From BCC Metals Prior to Melting (Invited)
16:40 28A17 Y.Zhao, J.Zhang
Enhancement of Yield Strength in Zirconium Metals through High-Pressure Induced α−ω Structural Phase Transition (Invited)
17:00 28A18 Y.Ding, Y.-C.Tseng, E.Kaneshita, D.Haskel,
M.van Veenendaal, J.Mitchell, S.V.Sinogeikin, V.Prakapenka, H.-K.Mao
Pressure-Induced Magnetic Transition in Manganite (La0.75Ca0.25MnO3)
17:20 28A19 K.D.Litasov, A.F.Goncharov, R.J.Hemley
Melting and Dissociation of Carbon Dioxide to 70 GPa
17:40 28A20 K.Wang, R.Wang, A.L.Lin, B.Zou, G.T.Zou
Stability of Supramolecular Crystals under High Pressure
Session 6B – Deep earth mineralogy: Mantle-core boundary
16:00 28B16 A.Goncharov, V.V.Struzhkin, P.Beck, J.Montoya, S.Kharlamova, B.D.Haugen, R.Kundargi, S.D.Jacobsen, W.Mao, J. Siebert, J.Badro, D.Antonangeli
Spin State of Iron and Thermal Conductivity in the Earth’s Lower Mantle
16:20 28B17 T.Yamanaka, W.L.Mao, P.Ganesh, L.Shulenburger, H.K.Mao, R.J.Hemley
New Structure and spin state of iron-rich (Mg, Fe)SiO3 post-perovskite by XRD, XES and GGA calculation (Invited)
16:40 28B18 N.Miyajima, N.Walte
Dislocation microtextures of perovskite and post-perovskite: TEM studies from CaIrO3 analogues to MgSiO3
17:00 28B19 M.Akaogi, Y.Shirako, H.Kojitani, S.Takamori, K.Yamaura, E.Takayama-Muromachi
Post-perovskite Transitions in CaB4+O3 at High Pressure
17:20 28B20 E.Ito
The Post-perovskite Transformation in MgGeO3 Examined by Using the Kawai-cell Equipped with Sintered Diamond Anvils (Invited)
17:40 28B21 D.Yamazaki, E.Ito, A.Shatskiy, T.Yoshino, T.Katsura, K.Funakoshi
Observations of post-perovskite transition in germanate and melting of stishovite by using sintered diamond anvil and boron doped diamond heater in Kawai cell: Toward the generation of extreme P-T condition
Session 6C – Computational materials science
16:00 28C16 R.E.Cohen, K.Driver, K.Esler, Z.Wu, B.Militzer, P.L.Rios, M.Towler, R.Needs
Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Materials under Extreme Conditions (Invited)
16:40 28C17 T.Tsuchiya, J.Tsuchiya
Ab initio assessment of high-P, T phase equilibria in multi-component mineral systems: Application to postperovskite phase equilibria in the MgSiO3Al2O3 system (Invited)
17:00 28C18 A.Munoz, S.Lopez, P.Rodriguez-Hernandez, A.Romero
High Pressure study of the structural phase transitions of ZnXO4 spinels from first-principles studies
17:20 28C19 R.H.Scheicher, D.Kim, R.Ahuja
Pathway to Feasible Hydrogen Storage Application for High-pressure Cubic Metallic Phase of Aluminum Hydride
17:40 28C20 Y.Liang, J.Tse
Pressure induced phase transition and mechanisms for the formation of H2 in ammonia borane
Session 6D – High pressure bioscience
16:00 28D16 K.Akasaka
Pressure and Protein-The Intimate Partnership (Invited)
16:40 28D17 M.Kato, H.Imamura, Y.Ikeuchi, T.Yamamoto, E.Chatani, Y.Isogai
Effect of Pressure on Helices of Peptides and Proteins
17:00 28D18 H.Matsuki, M.Nishimoto, K.Tada, M.Goto, N.Tamai, S.Kaneshina
Thermodynamic Characterization of Bilayer and Nonbilayer Phase Transitions of Phospholipid Membranes
17:20 28D19 N.Tamai, M.Goto, H.Matsuki, S.Kaneshina
Mechanism of Pressure-induced Interdigitation of Lipid Bilayers
17:40 28D20 F.Ono, Y.Mori, K.Takarabe, N.Nishihira, A.Shindou, M.Saigusa, Y.Matsushima, N.Saini, M.Yamashita
Strong anti-environmental properties of moss Venturiella under very high pressure

Wednesday, July 29
Session 7A – Symposium: High pressure scale (1)
9:00 29A01 W.B.Holzapfel
Progress in the Realization of an International Practical Pressure Scale(Invited)
9:40 29A02 P.I.Dorogokupets
Thermodynamics in high-temperature pressure scales (Invited)
10:00 29A03 N.Sata, K.Hirose, M.Matsui, Y.Ohishi, N.Hirao
Simultaneous volume measurements of different pressure markers at room temperature with laser annealing technique
10:20 29A04 M.Matsui
High Temperature and High Pressure Equations of State of Au and Pt
Session 7B – Magnetism
9:00 29B01 D.Varshney, I.Mansuri, N.Kaurav, Y.K.Kuo
Electric, Magnetic and Thermal properties of the La0.35Pr0.15Ca0.16Sr0.34MnO3 and La0.3Nd0.2Ca0.12Sr0.38MnO3 manganites
9:20 29B02 K.Mydeen, M.Prabhat, C.Q.Jin, D. Prabhakaran
Effect of pressure on temperature-induced spin-state transition in La1-xSrxCoO3 single crystals
9:40 29B03 T.Terai, H.Sonomura, T.Kakeshita, T.Osakabe, K.Kakurai
Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Magnetic Structure of La1.37Sr1.63Mn2O7
10:00 29B04 B.Padmanabhan, T.Strässle, C.Niedermayer, S.Klotz, N.Rogado, R.J.Cava, T.Wolf, M.Kenzelmann
Single-crystal neutron diffraction studies up to 5 GPa on multiferroic Ni3V2O8
10:20 29B05 A.Yu.Mollaev, I.K.Kamilov, R.K.Arslanov, T.R.Arslanov, U.Z.Zalibekov, V.M.Novotorzev, S.F.Marenkin
Structural and magnetic phase transition in high temperature ferromagnetic semiconductors Cd1-xMnxGeAs2 at high pressure
Session 7C – Prediction of high-pressure crystal structure
9:00 29C01 T.Ishikawa, H.Nagara, K.Kusakabe, N.Suzuki, J.Tsuchiya, T.Tsuchiya
Review of High Pressure Phases of Calcium by the First-principles Calculation (Invited)
9:40 29C02 S.Arapan, H.K.Mao, R.Ahuja
Prediction of incommensurate crystal structure in Ca at high pressure
10:00 29C03 X.Jin, T.Cui, Z.He, B.Liu, G.Zou
Peculiar Superconductivity in Pressure-induced Metallic Phase of Silane under High Pressures: A First-Principles Study
10:20 29C04 G.Gao, A.R.Oganov, Y.Ma, A.Bergara, T.Iitaka
Novel high pressure phases of SnH4
Session 7D – Symposium:High pressure food technology
9:00 29D01 W.G.Shi, G.Q.Zhou, Y.Q.Cui, Q.F.Jiang, H.J.Wu, F.G.Lu, X.Y.Liu
Molecular Analysis of Stable Cucumber Mutagenesis Induced by High Hydrostatic Pressure
9:20 29D02 H.Nguyen-thi-minh, J.M.Perrier-Cornet, P.Gervais
Germination and Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis Spores by High Hydrostatic Pressure
9:40 29D03 K.Kawai, K.Fukami, K.Yamamoto
Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure for Physical Modification of Starch (Invited)
10:20 29D04 K.Yamamoto, K.Kawai, K.Fukami, E.Goto, A.Sasagawa, A.Yamazaki
Characteristics of Starches Treated with High Hydrostatic Pressure
10:40 Coffee Break
Session 8A – Symposium: High pressure scale (2)
11:00 29A06 A.F.Goncharov
Construction of the high pressure scale at high temperature using cubic boron nitride (cBN) (Invited)
11:40 29A07 Y.Tange, Y.Nishihara, T.Tsuchiya
Unified analyses for P-V-T equation of state of MgO: A solution for pressure-scale problems in high P-T experiments
12:00 29A08 M.Murai, N.Kawayanagi, K.Tashiro, T.Mashimo
Measurement study of Hugoniot-compression curve of MgO single crystal
Session 8B – Electrical and magnetic properties-Technique
11:00 29B06 S.Wang, W.Mao, Y.Cai, N.Hiraoka, H.Ishii, D.Yang, Y.Xiao, P.Chow, H.K.Mao, J.Shu, C.C.Kao
Fe K Pre-edge of Fe2O3(Hematite) at High Pressure
11:20 29B07 N.Hirao, T.Mitsui, Y.Ohishi, M.Seto, K.Aoki, K.Takemura, T.Kikegawa
Pressure-Induced Magnetic Transition of Iron Hydride
11:40 29B08 T. Sakurai, T.Horie, M.Tomoo, K.Kondo, N.Matsumi, S.Okubo, H.Ohta, Y.Uwatoko, K.Kudo, Y.Koike
Development of High-pressure, High-field and Multi-frequency ESR Apparatus and Its Application to Quantum Spin System
12:00 29B09 M.Imai, T.Taniguchi, Y.Kubota, T.Aoyagi, T.Kimura, Y.Matsushita
High temperature, high pressure synthesis of electron-rich filled skutterudites
Session 8C – Deep earth mineralogy: The core
11:00 29C06 R.Boehler
A cool core (Invited)
11:20 29C07 S.Kamada, H.Terasaki, T.Sakai, E.Ohtani, M.Miyahara, H.Asanuma, H.Hayashi, T.Kikegawa, Y.Ohishi, N.Hirao, N.Sata
Stability of Fe3S under the core conditions
11:40 29C08 H.Asanuma, E.Ohtani, T.Sakai, H.Terasaki, N.Hirao, N.Sata, Y.Ohishi
The Si content of the inner core based on the phase relations and compression
12:00 29C09 Y.Ishida, T.Kondo, T.Sakaiya, T.Kikegawa
Fe-Ni-H2O reaction at high pressure and high temperature
Session 8D – Post deadline papers
11:00 29D06 L.Sun, W.Yi, L.Wang, J.Shu, S.Shinogeikin, Y.Meng, G.Shen, L.Bai, Y.Li, J.Liu, H.K.Mao, W.L.Mao
X-ray diffraction studies and equation of state of methane at 202 GPa
11:20 29D07 Y.Bi, H.Song, J.Xu
Direct Determination of Bulk Modulus at High Pressures: Cu and Fe as the examples
11:40 29D08 I.F.Silvera, W.Cole
Metallic Hydrogen: The Most Powerful Rocket Fuel Not Yet in Existence
12:00 29D09 Y.Ma, M.I.Eremets, A.R.Oganov, Y.Xie, I.Trojan, S.Medvedev, A.Lyakhov, M.Valle, V.Prakapenka
Transparent Dense Sodium

Thursday, July 30
9:00   AIRAPT General Assembly
9:30 30A01 Jamieson Award Lecture
Laser-Heated Diamond-Anvil Cell Experiments at Multimegabar Pressure
10:10   M.Nicol Memorial
10:40 Coffee Break
Session 9A – Pressure effects on molecular solids
11:00 30A06 T.Tsuda, K.Ogata, S.Hashimoto, T.Sugahara, H.Sato, K.Ohgaki
Storage Capacity of Hydrogen in Gas Hydrates
11:20 30A07 M.Yao, T.Wågberg, B.Sundqvist
Reversible Nano-Scale Phase Separation of Rb4C60 under Pressure
11:40 30A08 Y.Lin, W.L.Mao, V.Drozd, J.Chen, L.Daemen, J.Shu
Ammonia borane at high pressure
12:00 30A09 T.Maruoka, Y.Suzuki, K.Tamura
Effects of High Pressure on the Three-Dimensional Nucleation Rates of Glucose Isomerase Crystals
Session 9B – Deep earth mineralogy: Lower mantle
11:00 30B06 T.Katsura, S.Yokoshi, K.Kawabe, A.Shatskiy, G.Manthilake, S.Zhai, H.Fukui, T.Yoshino, D.Yamazaki, T.Matsuzaki, A.Yoneda, E.Ito, N.Tomioka, K.Hagiya, A.Nozawa, K.Funakoshi
P-V-T relations of MgSiO3 perovskite determined by in situ X-ray diffraction using a large-volume high-pressure apparatus (Invited)
11:20 30B07 B.Lavina, P.Dera, R.T.Downs, M.Nicol
The MgCO3-FeCO3 system at lower mantle conditions
11:40 30B08 T.Yoshino, D.Yamazaki, E.Ito, T.Katsura
No interconnection of ferro-periclase in post-spinel phase inferred from conductivity measurement
12:00 30B09 N.Tsujino, Y.Nishihara
Grain-growth kinetics of ferropericlase at high-pressure
Session 9C – Symposium: New wave of dynamic compression research-- Strong shock (1)
  30C06 Cancelled
11:30 30C07 G.Collins, J.Eggert, M.Bastea, D.Hicks, R.Smith, P.Celliers, D.Bradley, R.McWilliams, D.Braun, R.Rygg, P.Loubeyre, D.Spalding, S.Brygoo, R.Jeanloz, T.Boehly
Exotic Behavior of solids and fluids at Kbar (100 MPa) to Gbar (100 TPa) Conditions (Invited)
12:00 30C08 T.A.Mehlhorn, M.P.Desjarlais, C.A.Hall, M.D.Knudson
Understanding High-Pressure EOS and Strength via Isentropic Compression and Acceleration on Pulsed Power Platforms (Invited)
Session 9D – Inorganic synthesis (3)
11:00 30D06 S.M.Filipek, V.Paul-Boncour, R.Sato, R.Wierzbicki, R.S.Liu
Unusual behavior of Manganese Containing Intermetallic Alloys under High Hydrogen Pressures (Invited)
11:40 30D07 Q.X.Chu, X.F.Wang, R.D.Wang, X.Y.Liu
Single Crystal Growth of Manganese Oxide Mn3O4 from Na0.44MnO2 Whiskers in KOH Flux under High Pressure
12:00 30D08 Cancelled
12:20 Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:40 Poster Session 28P
15:40 Coffee Break
Session 10A – Novel Phase transitions (2)
16:00 30A16 T.Nagai, T.Ishido, Y.Seto, D.Hamane, N.Sata, K.Fujino
Phase transition of siderite FeCO3 at high pressure
16:20 30A17 D.Mukherjee, K.D.Joshi, S.C.Gupta
Pressure Induced Phase Transition in Tin: ab-initio Calculations
16:40 30A18 P.Ch.Sahu, N.V.Chandra Shekar
Structural stability and electronic structure of actinide and rare-earth based intermetallics under high pressure (Invited)
17:00 30A19 S.Yu, Z.Liu, B.Liu, W.Han, R.J.Hemley
Synchrotron Infrared and X-ray Studies of Boron Nitrides Nanotubes under High Pressure
17:20 30A20 T.Kubo, A.Shimojuku, M.Nishi, K.Oshibuchi, T.Kuwabara, T.Kato, T.Kondo, T.Kikegawa, N.Hirao, Y.Ohishi
Time-resolved 2D-XRD observations of grain nucleation and growth during high-pressure transformations
17:40 30A21 J.Catafesta, A.S.Pereira, C.A.Perottoni, J.Haines, F.Garcia,
Pressure-induced decomposition of Fe[Co(CN)6]
Session 10B – Deep earth mineralogy: Magma and other materials
16:00 30B16 T.Inoue, A.Okabayashi
The water content and stability of magma generated at the bottom of the Earth’s upper mantle (Invited)
16:20 30B17 T.Sato, N.Funamori
The density and structure of SiO2 glass under high pressure: Implications for silicate melts in the deep mantle
16:40 30B18 A.Suzuki, E.Ohtani, K.Nishida, H.Terasaki, R.Tateyama, R.Shiraishi, T.Kikegawa
Viscosity minimum of lunar high-Ti magma at high pressures and high temperatures
17:00 30B19 Y.Nishihara, K.Funakoshi, Y.Higo, N.Tsujino, T.Kawazoe, T.Kubo, A.Shimojuku, H.Tearasaki, N.Nishiyama
Stress relaxation test of olivine under Earth’s deep upper mantle conditions
17:20 30B20 V.Kutcherov, A.Kolesnikov, V.Brazhkin
Synthesis of Hydrocarbons under Upper Mantle Conditions: Evidence for Theory of Abiotic Deep Petroleum Origin
17:40 30B21 T.Suzuki, T.Hirata, E.Takahashi
Element partitioning between garnet and silicate melt under high pressure
Session 10C – Symposium: New wave of dynamic compression research--strong shock (2)
16:00 30C16 C.S.Alexander, M.D.Knudson, C.A.Hall
High accuracy Hugoniot measurements at multi-megabar pressure utilizing the Sandia Z accelerator
16:20 30C17 P.Loubeyre, S.Brygoo, J.Eggert, P.Celliers, G.Collins, S.McWilliams, D.Spaulding, R.Jeanloz, T. Boehly
Measurements of the equation of state of warm dense hydrogen
16:40 30C18 J.H.Eggert, R.F.Smith, M.Bastea, J.R.Rygg, G.W.Collins
Ramp compression experiments
17:00 30C19 N.Ozaki, G.Gregori, M.Koenig, T.Mashimo, T.Sano, T.Sano, T.Sekine, R.Smith, R.Kodama
Extreme off-Hugoniot experimens using high-power laser (Invited)
17:30 30C20 T.Mashimo, N.Ozaki, M.Murai, T.Sano, T.Kimura, K.Miyanishi, T.Endo, Y.Sakawa, R.Kodama
Measurements of ultra-high pressure properties for Gd3Ga5O12 using laser-driven shock wave
17:50 30C21 T.Sano, N.Ozaki, T.Sakaiya, K.Shigemori, M.Ikoma, T.Kimura, K.Miyanishi, T.Endo, A.Shiroshita, H.Takahashi, T.Jitsui, Y.Hori, Y.Hironaka, A.Iwamoto, T.Kadono, M.Nakai, T.Okuchi, K.Otani, K.Shimizu, T.Kondo, R.Kodama, K.Mima
Laser-shock compression and Hugoniot measurements of liquid hydrogen
Session 10D – Water and Ices
16:00 30D16 O.Mishima
Compressibility of Supercooled liquid water under pressure
16:20 30D17 S.Klotz, L.Bove, T.Straessle, T.Hansen, A.M.Saitta
LiCl-doped ice VII under pressure
  30D18 Cancelled
16:40 30D19 C.A.Tulk, L.Yang, D.D.Klug, I.L.Moudrakovski, C.I.Ratcliffe, J.A.Ripmeester, B.C.Chakoumakos, L.Ehm, C.D.Martin, J.B.Parise
Formation and characterization of a previously unobserved structure of water clathrate
17:00 30D20 O.Tschauner, S.Sinogeikin, R.Kumar, M.Nicol, A.Cornelius
LiOH .7H2O, a new type of hydrogen-storing clathrates
17:20 30D21 S.Machida, H.Hirai, T.Kawamura, Y.Yamamoto, T.Yagi
Structural Changes and Intermolecular Interactions of Filled Ice Ic Structure for Hydrogen Hydrate under High Pressure

Friday, July 31
Session 11A – Symposium: Crystallography of inorganic materials (3)
9:00 31A01 R.Miletich, A.Ullrich, W.Schranz, A.Rosa, T.Balic-Zunic
Crystallography of Elastic Lattice-Softening Phenomena in Silicate Structures (Invited)
9:40 31A02 C.L.Bull, K.Komatsu, M.Guthrie, R.J.Nelmes, J.S.Loveday, H.Hamidov, M-T.Fernadez-Diaz, M.Guttman
Single-Crystal Neutron Diffraction upto 10 GPa & 35 K
10:00 31A03 T.Watanuki, D.Kawana, A.Machida, A.P.Tsai
Successive phase transitions and valence change of the Yb ion in the Cd-Yb crystalline approximant to a quasicrystal
10:20 31A04 G.W.Stinton, M.I.McMahon, I.Loa, L.F.Lundegaard
The Structure of Delta and Delta(loc) Nitrogen
Session 11B – High pressure synthesis of transition metal oxides
9:00 31B01 T.Saito, H.Shiraki, M.Mizumaki, Y.Shimakawa
Ferromagnetic Cuprates CaCu3B4O12 (B = Ge, Sn) Synthesized under High Pressure (Invited)
9:40 31B02 Y.W.Long, N.Hayashi, T.Saito, M.Azuma, S.Muranaka, Y.Shimakawa
Intermetallic Charge Transfer in The A-site-ordered LaCu3Fe4O12 Perovskite Synthesized Under High Pressure
10:00 31B03 M.Azuma, S.Carlsson, J.Rodgers, M.G.Tsujimoto, M.Tsujimoto, M.Mizumaki, N.Ishimatsu, S.Isoda, Y.Shimakawa, M.Takano, J.P.Attfield
Pressure-Induced Intermetallic Valence Transition in BiNiO3
10:20 31B04 K.Ohgushi, H.Gotou, Y.Kiuchi, T.Yagi, Y.Ueda
Correlated Electronic Properties of Post-Perovskite-type Iridium Oxides
Session 11C – Symposium: New wave of dynamic compression research--In-situ observation
9:10 31C00 K.G.Nakamura, S.Oguchi, A.Matsuda
Nanosecond time-resolved coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy of hydrocarbons under laser-induced dynamics compression
  31C01 Cancelled
9:30 31C02 K.Ichiyanagi, T.Sato, S.Nozawa, A.Tomita, K.Nakamura, S.Adachi, S.Koshihara
In-situ probing of laser-induced shock compression of single crystal by time-resolved single-shot Laue diffraction
9:50 31C03 C.S.Yoo
Time-resolved synchrotron X-ray experiments in extreme conditions (Invited)
10:20 31C04

P.M.Celliers, D.J.Erskine, D.G.Braun, S.T.Prisbrey, G.W.Collins, R.J.Wallace, O.L.Landen, J.Biener, A.V.Hamza, C.Wild, E.Woerner, A.Nikroo
Dynamic measurement of intrinsic shock front anisotropy in diamond

Session 11D – Liquid-liquid transition
9:00 31D01 Y.Katayama, H. Saitoh, Y.Yomogida, K.Aoki
Structure of liquid iron hydride under high pressure
9:20 31D02 A.Chiba, M.Tomomasa, T.Hayakawa, A.Hinzmann, R.Takahashi, T.Tsukatani, T.Kumazawa, K.Tsuji
Pressure-Induced Structural Change of Liquid Group-V Elements and Liquid Group-IV-VI Compounds
9:40 31D03 V.M.Giordano, G.Monaco
The dynamical fingerprint of the liquid-liquid transition in high pressure Cs
10:00 31D04 N.Hamaya, F.Matsuura, Y.Yamagata, K.Fuchizaki, T.Hase, T.Sakagami, A.Miyauchi
Structural Change in Liquid SnI4 under High Pressure
10:20 31D05 V.V.Brazhkin, M.Kanzaki, K.Funakoshi, Y.Katayama, H.Saitoh,
Structural Transformations and Anomalous Viscosity Behavior in B2O3 and As2S3 Melts under Pressure
Session 11E – Chemical reaction and kinetics
9:00 31E01 G.Demazeau
Impact of High Pressures in Solvothermal Processes (Invited)
9:40 31E02 M.Sasaki, T.Oshikawa, A.Yuksel, H.Koga, Y.Kuwahara, M.Goto
Electrolysis Reaction Pathways for Alcohols and Sugars in Sub-critical Water
10:00 31E03 G.Laurenczy
High Pressure Hydrogen Gas - the Future Fuel ?
10:20 31E04 M.Nakahara, K.Yoshida, Y.Yasaka, Y.Tsujino, C.Wakai, N.Matubayasi
Hydrothermal Chemistry of Formic Acid and a New Scheme of Hydrogen Technology
Session 12A – Novel Phase transitions (3)
11:00 31A06 X.Wu, G.Steinle-Neumann, O.Narygina, I.Kantor, C.McCammon, V.Prakapenka, V.Swamy, L.Dubrovinsky
Decomposition of FeTiO3 perovskite to (Fe1-δ, Tiδ)O and Fe1+δTi2-δO5
11:20 31A07 X.C.Wang, S.J.Zhang, J.G.Zhao, L.H.Wang, H.Z.Liu, G.F.Chen, J.L.Luo, N.L.Wang, Y.Yu, C.Q.Jin, Q.Z.Guo
Pressure tuned superconductivity & structure stability of several iron arsenide superconductors
11:40 31A08 J.S.Loveday, C.L.Bull, M.Guthrie, K.Komatsu, R.J.Nelmes
The structural relationships between ice VII and ice VIII
12:00 31A09 J.S.Tse, L.Yang, C.Tulk, C.Q.Jin
The electronic structure and phase transitions in Ba8Si46 at high pressure
12:20 31A10 T.Kume, S.Sasaki, H.Shimizu
Structural stability of semiconductor clathrates under high pressure
Session 12B – Superconductors and novel materials
  31B06 Cancelled
11:20 31B07 K.Oka, I.Yamada, M.Azuma, M.Takano, Y.Shimakawa, S.Takeshita, K.H.Satoh, A.Koda, R.Kadono, H.Kojitani, M.Akaogi
Magnetic ground state of PbVO3 and origin of the large tetragonal distortion
11:40 31B08 D.Varshney, A.Yogi, N.Dodiya, R.Singh
Electrical Resistivity and Raman Spectroscopic study of doped Y1−xCaxBa2(Cu1−yAy)3O7-δ superconductors
12:00 31B09 A.Shatskiy, T.Matsuzaki, D.Yamazaki, E.Ito, T.Katsura
HPHT heavily boron doped diamond: electrical conductivity, X-ray, and Raman characterization
12:20 31B10 A.Bergara, M.Martinez-Canales, A.R.Oganov, Y.Ma, Y.Yan, A.Lyakhov
Novel Structures and Superconductivity of Silane under Pressure
Session 12C – Dynamic pressure and shock wave
11:00 31C06 W.J.Nellis, G.I.Kanel, S.V.Razorenov, A.S.Savinykh, A.M.Rajendran
Dynamic Adiabatic High-Pressure Waves in Condensed Matter (Invited)
11:30 31C07 G.I.Kanel, G.S.Bezruchko, A.S.Savinykh, S.V.Razorenov, V.V.Milyavsky, K.V.Khischenko
Influence of Structure, Orientation and Temperature of Graphite on its Polymorphic Transformation Under Shock Compression (Invited)
12:00 31C08 T.Sano, N.Ozaki, Rosséguier, O.Sakata, M.Okoshi, N.Inoue, R.Kodama, A.Hirose
Synthesis of high-pressure phases of condensed matter using femtosecond laser-driven shock wave
12:20 31C09 T.Sekine, N.Ozaki, K.Miyashita, T.Kimura, T.Endo, T.Jitsui, T.Sano, R.Kodama, Y.Sakawa, S.Tachibana
Forsterite Hugoniot in warm dense matter region
Session 12D – Structural relaxation in glass
11:00 31D06 S.K.Lee, H.K.Mao, P.Eng, J.Shu
Probing of Pressure-Induced Structural Changes in Oxide Glasses: Insights from High-Resolution NMR and Synchrotron X-ray Raman Scattering (Invited)
  31D07 (moved to 30P115)
11:40 31D08 A.Yamada, S.J.Gaudio, C.E.Lesher
Densification of amorphous MgSiO3 at high pressure and temperature
12:00 31D09

M.Aniya, M.Ikeda
Pressure Dependence of the Fragility in Metallic Glass Forming Liquids: Predictions from a Theoretical Model and Materials Properties Correlations

Session 12E – Molecular and Organic solids
11:00 31E06 Y.Akahama, H.Kawamura, N.Hirao, Y.Ohishi, K.Takemura
Raman scattering and x-ray diffraction experiments for Phase III of solid hydrogen
11:20 31E07 N.Subramanian, A.F.Goncharov, M.Somayazulu, R.J.Hemley
Raman Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Confined at Extreme Conditions
11:40 31E08 Y.Meng, P.J.Eng, J.S.Tse, D.M.Shaw, M.Y.Hu, J.Shu, S.A. Gramsch, C.Kao, R.J.Hemley, H.K.Mao
Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Study of Dense Solid Oxygen: Evidence for Intermolecular Bonding
12:00 31E09 J.E.Proctor, E.Gregoryanz, K.S.Novoselov, M.Lotya, J.N.Coleman, M.P. Halsall
Graphene at high pressure
12:20 31E10 K.Murata, Y.Seno, N.R.Tamilselvan, H.Yoshino, D.Jerome, P.Senzier, K.Bechgaard
Temperature-Pressure Diagram of HMTSF-TCNQ up to 8 GPa


Poster Session 28P
28P01 M.Sougawa, T.Sumiya, K.Takarabe, Y.Mori, T.Yagi, T.Okada, H.Gotou
Synthesis of a new Carbon Nitride related material at high pressure and temperature
28P02 Y.Kono, M.Nakamoto, T.Irifune
Elastic properties of sintered diamonds with and without Co binders
28P03 T.Okuchi, H.Ohfuji, S.Odake, H.Kagi, S.Nagatomo, M.Sugata, H.Sumiya
Laser micromachining of the super-hard nano-polycrystalline diamond
28P04 N.Nishiyama, T.Irifune, Y.Wang, T.Sanehira, M.Rivers
Plastic deformation of polycrystalline sintered diamond materials in the DDIA with HIMEDIA pistons
28P05 H.Sumiya, T.Harano, T.Sato, T.Irifune
Properties and applications of ultra-hard nano-polycrystalline diamond synthesized by direct conversion from graphite under HPHT
28P06 J.C.Rendon-Angeles, K.Yanagisawa, Z.Matamoros-Veloza, M.I.Pech-Canul, J.López-Cuevas
Differences on the Porosity Produced During the Pseudomorphic Conversion of Sulfate Alkaline Minerals in Carbonated Concentrated Hydrothermal Fluids
28P07 Z.Matamoros-Veloza, J.C.Rendón-Angeles, K.Yanagisawa,
M.A.Cisneros-Guerrero, M.M.Cisneros-Guerrero, S.Díaz de la Torre
Preparation of Porous Glass Under Hydrothermal Hot-Pressing Conditions Using Funnel CRT Glass
28P08 A.Largeteau, S.Darracq, G.Demazeau, V.Ranieri, O.Cambon
Hydrothermal Crystal Growth and characterization
28P09 T.Honma, S.Hayashi, K.Nakajima, E.Wada, J.Ida, A.Shimizu
Pressure Effect on Low-Temperature TiO2 Synthesis
28P10 H.Saitoh, A.Machida, Y.Katayama, K.Aoki
In situ X-ray diffraction measurement on the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of aluminum at high pressure and temperature
28P11 X.F.Wang, C.Wang, X.Y.Liu
Influence of Pressure on Growth of Lanthanum Hydroxide Single Crystals La(OH)3 Synthesized by Flux Method
28P12 Z.H.Ding, L.X.Qiu, X.D.Zhao, Z.Lü, F.G.Lu, X.Y.Liu
High Pressure Synthesis and Physical Properties Investigation of ZrN-ZrB2 Nanocrystalline Composites
28P13 Cancelled
28P14 M.Kimura, Y.Hanayama, T.Irifune, I.Ohno
Measurements on the elasticity of nano-polycrystalline diamond by both pulse and resonance methods
28P15 M.Takumi, Y.Tsujioka, N.Hirai, K.Yamamoto, K.Nagata
Optical absorption spectrum of trigonal selenium under high pressure
28P16 M.Kawajiri, S.Sasaki, T.Kume, H.Shimizu
Elastic Properties of Rare Gas Solid Krypton Studied by High Pressure Raman and Brillouin Spectroscopy
28P17 R.Valiente, F.Rodríguez, J.González, M.N.Sanz-Ortiz, R.Martín, K.Krämer, H.U.Güdel
High-pressure optical spectroscopy of f-d transitions in Ce3+-doped Cs2NaLuCl6
28P18 E.Belandria, J.M.Broto, M.Millot, E.Flahaut, F.Rodriguez, R.Valiente, J.Gonzalez
Pressure dependence of Raman Modes in Double wall Carbon Nanotubes filled with 1D Tellurium
28P19 Q.Zhou, F.Li, M.Li, Q.Cui, T.Cui, Z.He, G.Zou
High Temperature and High Pressure Studies of Liquid Ammonia
28P20 U.R.Rodríguez-Mendoza, S. F. León-Luis, J.E.Muñóz-Santiuste, D.Jaque, V.Lavín
Infrared fluorescence spectra of Nd3+ ions in gadolinium gallium garnet under pressure
28P21 S.M.Stishov, A.E.Petrova, V.N.Krasnorusski, T.A.L.Lograsso
Studies of the magnetic phase transition in MnSi at ambient and high pressure
28P22 Cancelled
28P23 M.Sakata, K.Shimizu, M.Maesato, G.Saito
High Pressure Effect on the Organic Conductor, (BEDT-TTF)3CuBr4
28P24 N.V.Melnikova, O.L.Kheifets, O.A.Shabashova, A.N.Babushkin
Effect of high pressure on electric properties of glassy chalcogenides of copper and silver
28P25 S.M.Feng, L.J.Wang, C.Q.Jin, Y.S.Chai, K.H.Kim
Magnetoelectric properties of high pressure synthesized perovskite HoMnO3
28P26 V.V.Shchennikov, G.V.Vorontsov, I.A.Komarovskii, V.V.Shchennikov, S.V.Ovsyannikov, E.M.Shnipova
Analysis of multiphase states in vicinity of pressure-induced phase transitions
28P27 Y.Jin, G.Wen, F.Zhang, J.Hao, Q.Wang, S.Wang, D.Liu, W.Lei, M.Li, B.Zhan, J.Zhang, Q.Cui, W.Gao
Magnetic properties of Cu-doped ZnO nanocrystalline under pressure
28P28 G.V.Tikhomirova, A.N.Babushkin
Slow dynamics of high pressure induced phase transitions in ammonium halides
28P29 M.I.Daunov, A.S.Kovalev, A.B.Magomedov, A.Yu.Mollaev
On Resonance Donor Level in n-CdTe According to Data on Electron Transport at Allround Pressure
28P30 T.Fujiwara, H.Shibasaki, K.Matsubayashi, Y.Uwatoko, T.Shigeoka
Pressure effect on physical properties in ternary europium phosphides EuT2P2 (T = Fe, Co and Ni) with ThCr2Si2-type structure
28P31 M.Einaga, Y.Tanabe, A.Nakayama, A.Ohmura, F.Ishikawa, Y.Yamada
New superconducting phase of Bi2Te3 under pressure above 11 GPa
28P32 W.Zhang, L.D.Yao, L.X.Yang, Z.X.Liu, C.Q.Jin, R.C.Yu
Charge ordering in PrCuMn6O12 and its behavior under high pressure
28P33 S.Nagao, I.Kobayashi, M.Terazima, Y.Kimura
Vibrational Energy Relaxation of Perylene in Supercritical Alcohols
28P34 A.Nakatani, N.Kometani
Photocatalytic Effect of Pt-loaded TiO2 on the Hydrothermal Gasification of Glucose
28P35 M.Mitsugi, A.Yoshida, H.Watanabe, T.Kiyan, M.Takade, K.Miyaji, T.Namihira, Y.Kuwahara, H.Akiyama, M.Hara, M.Sasaki, M.Goto
Polymerization of phenol by using discharged plasma under hydrothermal state
28P36 M.Demizu, M.Terazima, M.Harada, K.Saijyo, Y.Kimura
Structure and Dynamics of Binary Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide and Ionic liquids
28P37 Y.P.Chen, M.Tang
Application of the Supercritical Fluid Technology on the Re-Crystallization of Pharmaceutical Compounds
28P38 K.Matsuyama, K.Mishima
High-Pressure Phase Behavior and FT-IR study of Poly(methyl methacrylate) + Ethanol Systems with Addition of Supercritical CO2
28P39 K.Mishima, K.Matsuyama
Formation of Fluoropolymer/CaCO3 Hybrid Core-Shell Microcapsules by Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution (RESS)
28P40 P.Kumar, A.Rao, K.L.Ramakumar
Uranium extraction from UO2 powder, granule, green pellet and sintered pellet employing supercritical fluid extraction
28P41 K.Fukui, Y.Asakuma, K.Maeda
Determination of Liquid Viscosity at High Pressure by DLS
28P42 M.Li, Q.Cui, F.Li, X.Wu, Q.Zhou, W.Gao, G.Zou
Brillouin scattering study of liquid methane under high pressure and high temperature conditions
28P43 M.Ueno, R.Mitsui, H.Iwahashi, N.Tsuchihashi, K.Ibuki
Pressure and Temperature Effects in the Density and Viscosity of DMF-Water Mixtures
28P44 Y.Murai, S.Sawamura
Effect of Pressure on the Solubility of α-cyclodextrin in Water at 298.2 K
28P45 K.Wada, N.Nishiyama, T.Irifune, T.Nagai, D.Hamane, K.Fujino
Phase relation of FeAlO3 at high pressure and high temperature
28P46 J.C.Crowhurst, J.M.Brown, A.F.Goncharov, S.D.Jacobsen
Elasticity of ferropericlase through the spin transition of iron in the lower mantle
28P47 Y.Usui, J.Tsuchiya, T.Tsuchiya
Elastic, thermodynamic and vibrational properties of MgGeO3 post perovskite by first principles calculations
28P48 Y.Higo, K.Funakoshi, Y.Kono, T.Irifune
Elastic wave velocity measurements under the condition of lower most mantle transition region
28P49 M.Osako, A.Yoneda, M.Yonehara, E.Ito
Thermal properties of hydrous earth materials under high pressure
28P50 M.Wehber, C.Lathe, J.Lauterjung, F.R.Schilling
Thermoelastic properties of spinels
28P51 H.Kajikawa, K.Ide, T.Kobata
Progress in development of controlled-clearance pressure balance in NMIJ
28P52 C.Lathe, H.J.Mueller, M.Wehber, J.Lauterjung, F.R.Schilling
MAX200x: Energy dispersive XRD under extreme conditions.
28P53 A.Hisada, N.Fujiwara, N.Môri
Fabrication of a barrel-type modified Bridgman anvil cell
28P54 Y.Yu, C.Q.Jin
A system to measure superconducting transition temperature under high pressure
28P55 K.Komatsu, C.L.Bull, M.Guthrie, R.J.Nelmes, J.S.Loveday
Attenuation Corrections for the Paris-Edinburgh Cell for Single Crystal Neutron Diffraction
28P56 K.Matsubayashi, A.Yamada, K.Munakata, M.Hedo, I.Umehara, N.Katayama, K.Ohgushi, T.Matsumoto, Y.Uwatoko
Ac Specific Heat Measurement under Pressure with Cubic Anvil Apparatus
28P57 Y.Uwatoko, K.Matsubayashi, K.Munakata, T.Matsumoto, A.Yamada, M.Hedo, S.Tabata, K.Takagi, M.Tado, H.Kagi
Development of a Palm Cubic Anvil Cell for Low Temperature
28P58 T.Hoshi, T.Iitaka, M.Fyta
Large scale simulation of quantum mechanical molecular dynamics for nano-polycrystalline diamond
28P59 D.Y.Kim, R.H.Scheicher, R.Ahuja
Crystal Structure of Hydrogen-dense Material under High Pressure: Metallic Phase of SiH4
28P60 Cancelled
28P61 Z.Li, S.J.You, Y.G.Yao, C.Q.Jin
Magnetic Structure of Li2CuO2 under High Pressure by First Principle Calculation
28P62 J.S.Tse, T.Iitaka, E.Kim, Y.Yao
Structural search with evolution algorithm: The structure of solid H2 S at high pressure
28P63 M.Aoki, H.Tomono, T.Iitaka, K.Tsumuraya
Acceleration of Orbital-Free First Principles Calculation with GPU
28P64 J.Tsuchiya, T.Tsuchiya
First-principles investigations on the elastic properties of hydrous minerals under pressure
28P65 T.L.Chou, J.M.Lee, S.A.Chen, H.Ishii, N.Hiraoka, C.M.Lin, T.H.Chen, K.T.Lu, J.M.Chen
Local Structure of DyMnO3 under High Pressure Probed by Lifetime-broadening-suppressed X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
28P66 W.Utsumi, H.Kagi, T.Hattori, H.Arima, K.Komatsu, J.Abe, T.Nagai, T.Okuchi, S.Harujo, K.Aizawa, T.Otomo, T.Kamiyama, Y.Uwatoko, T.Yagi
Strategy of High Pressure Research with Pulsed Neutron at J-PARC
28P67 H.Arima, T.Hattori, K.Komatsu, J.Abe, W.Utsumi, H.Kagi, A.Suzuki, K.Suzuya, T.Kamiyama, M.Arai, T.Yagi
Designing the neutron beamline for high-pressure material science at J-PARC
28P68 Y.Ohishi, N.Hirao, T.Matsuoka, K.Shimizu, M.Takata
High-Pressure/Low-Temperature X-ray Diffractometer combined with Raman spectrometer at BL10XU of SPring-8
28P69 K.Funakoshi, Y.Higo, Y.Nishihara, T.Irifune, H.Terasaki, N.Tsujino
High-pressure two-dimensional x-ray diffraction measurement system using a Kawai-type multianvil apparatus at SPring-8
28P70 O.Ohtaka, K.Funakoshi, T.Kikegawa, A.Suzuki, M.Shimono
In-situ X-ray experiments using Diamond/SiC composite anvils prepared with hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
28P71 T.Fujii, Y.Mori, H.Hyodo, K.Kimura
X-ray diffraction study of B4C under high pressure
28P72 V.Srivastava, G.Pagare, P.Soni, S.P.Sanyal
Study of Electronic and Structural Properties of Half Metallic Rare Earth Mono Nitrides
28P73 G.Pagare, D.Sen, V.Srivastava, S.P.Sanyal
High Pressure Behavior of Heavy Rare Earth Antimonides
28P74 B.Liu, Y.Zou, D.Liu, S.Yu, P.Wang, T.Wang, M.Yao, B.Zou, T.Cui, G.Zou, B.Sundqvist
High Pressure study on Rotational Dynamic of C60 confined in SWNT by Using NIR Raman Spectroscopy
28P75 X.Liu, T.Acosta, P.V.Zinin, L.C.Ming, S.K.Sharma, S.Hong
Raman Spectroscopy of Melamine at High Pressures in the Diamond Anvil Cell
28P76 F.Li, M.Li, Q.Cui, T.Cui, Z.He, Q.Zhou, G.Zou
In situ Raman Scattering Studies of Oxygen Hydrate at High Pressures
28P77 I.Halevy, G.Zamir, S.Salhove, A.Broide, I.Yaar, M.L.Winterrose, J.Munoz, S.K.Ghose
Ti and Ti_Al_V under High pressure study , electronic and crystallographic structure
28P78 M.I.Daunov, I.K.Kamilov, S.F.Gabibov
The conception on minimal metal mobility
28P79 K.Maeda, Y.Asakuma, K.Fukui
Nucleation of Ammonium Salts in Aqueous Solution by High Pressure
28P80 A.Srivastava, R.K.Singh, B.D.Diwan
Pressure Induced Phase Transitions in Titanium Carbonitrides
28P81 J.Hao, D.Liu, W.W.Lei, M.Li, Y.X.Jin, Q.S.Wang, X.H.Chen, S.Wang, Q.L.Cui
Raman spectroscopic of magnesium silicide under high pressure
28P82 I.Yajima, S.Ohno, T.Kume, S.Sasaki, H.Shimizu, Y.Ohishi, K.Kishimoto, T.Koyanagi
High pressure XRD and Raman study on Ge based clathrate Sr8Ga16Ge30
28P83 D.Nishio-Hamane, M.Katagiri, T.Yagi
Th2S3-type polymorph in Ti2O3 under high pressure
28P84 C.Braun, S.L.Börger, G.Miehe, P.Höhn, W.Schnick
γ-Ca3N2: A New High-Pressure Modification having Anti-Th3P4-Structure
28P85 W.W.Lei, D.Liu, J.Zhang, J.Hao, X.H. Chen, Y.X.Jin, S.Wang, W.Gao, Q.L.Cui, G.T.Zou
High-pressure X-ray diffraction study of nanowires gallium nitride
28P86 D.Liu, W.W.Lei, J.Hao, X.H.Chen, Y.X.Jin, Q.S.Wang, S.Wang, Q.L.Cui, G.T.Zou
Pressure-induced phase transition in molybdenum trioxide
28P87 J.Ruiz-Fuertes, M.N.Sanz-Ortiz, J.González, F.Rodríguez, A.Segura, D.Errandonea
Optical absorption and Raman spectroscopy of CuWO4
28P88 Cancelled
28P89 E.Yu.Zarechnaya, L.Dubrovinsky, N.Dubrovinskaia, A.S.Mikhaylushkin, S.I.Simak, I.A.Abrikosov
The ground state properties of orthorhombic boron: investigation from “first principles”
28P90 M.Wakatsuki, Y.Kakudate, K.Yamamoto, S.Usuba, D.J.Kim, S.Fujiwara
Layer-Structured BCxN Compounds Produced from Mixed Melt of C and BN
28P91 L.Sun, T.Matsuoka, Y.Tamari, K.Shimizu, J.Tian, Y.Tian, C.Zhang, C.Shen, W.Yi, H.Gao, J.Li, X.Dong, Z.Zhao
Pressure-induced Superconductivity in Crystalline Boron Nanowires
28P92 H.K.Poswal, S.M.Sharma, S.K.Sikka
H---H repulsion and O-H bond compression in hydrogen bonds of hydrous Phase A and superhydrous Phase B by DFT studies
28P93 M.I.McMahon, L.F.Lundegaard, E.Gregoryanz, C.Guillaume, I.Loa, R.J.Nelmes
Single-Crystal Crystallography in the Megabar Regime
28P94 H.P.Liermann, W.Morgenroth, A.Berghäuser, A.Ehnes, B.Winkler, H.Franz, E.Weckert, M.Wakatsuki, Y.Kakudate, K.Yamamoto, S.Usuba, D.J.Kim, S.Fujiwara
The Extreme Conditions Beamline at PETRA III, DESY: Possibilities to conduct time resolved monochromatic and pink beam diffraction experiments in laser heated DAC
28P95 S.Ishiwata, Y.Kaneko, Y.Taguchi, Y.Tokura
High Pressure Syntheses and Magnetoelectric Properties of Orthorhombic RMnO3
28P96 T.Yamauchi, M.Isobe, H.Ueda, Y.Ueda, H.Gotou, T.Yagi
Electromagnetic Properties of K2V8O16 under High-Pressure
28P97 D.Wang, H.Li, L.Yi
Electrical conductivity of quartz at 1GPa
28P98 S.Arumugam, A.Murugeswari, R.Thiagarajan, P.Sarkar, P.Mandal, C.Ganguli, K.Matsubayshi, Y.Uwatoko
Role of pressure on the order of ferromagnetic phase transition in Sm-Nd-Sr Single Crystal
28P99 H.Takahashi, K.Arii, H.Okada, H.Takahashi, M.Imai, T.Aoyagi, T.Kimura, C.Sekine, J.Hayashi, N.Hoshi, I.Shirotani
Electrical resistivity in filled skutterudites LaxRh4As12 at high pressures
28P100 Y.Takaesu, T.Nakama, A.Kinjyo, S.Yonamine, M.Hedo, K.Yagasaki, K.Uchima, Y.Uwatoko, A.T.Burkov
Effects of Pressure and Magnetic Field on Transport Properties of Y1-xRxCo2 alloys
28P101 S.Klotz, J.C.Chervin, P.Munsch, G.Le Marchand
Hydrostatic limits of 11 pressure transmittig media
28P102 T.Oishi, M.Ohashi, G.Oomi
Quasi-Hydrostatic Pressure Cell above 10 GPa for Precise Electrical Transport Measurements at Low Temperature
28P103 H.Matsuo, A.Maeno, H.Tachibana, K.Akasaka
Development of High Pressure Fluorescence Spectrophotometer up to 700 MPa
28P104 M.R.Schwarz
Multianvil calibration and education: A four probe method to measure the entire force-versus-pressure curve in a single run performed as an interdisciplinary lab-course for students
28P105 K.Morimoto, K.Matsuishi
Pressure Dependence of Phosphorescence through Energy Transfer from Inorganic Quantum Well to Naphthalene Chromophore in (C10H7C2H4NH3)2PbCl4
28P106 T.Kume, N.Shimura, S.Sasaki, H.Shimizu, A.Machida, T.Watanuki, K.Aoki, K.Takemura
High pressure Raman and visible absorption study of TbH3
28P107 P.R.Levashov, G.V.Sin’ko, N.A.Smirnov, K.V.Khishchenko
Pseudopotential and Full-electron DFT Calculations of Thermodynamic Properties of Electrons in Metals and Semiempirical Equations of State
28P108 Y.Nakazono, T.Iwai, H.Abe
General Corrosion Properties of Modified PNC1520 Austenitic Stainless Steel in Supercritical Water as a Fuel Cladding Candidate Material for Supercritical WaterReactor Core
28P109 S.Kobayashi, T.Hoshina, T.Ono, Y.Sato, H.Inomata
Measurement and analysis of volumetric behaviors for water-methanol mixtures in sub- and supercritical region
28P110 M.Hedo, D.Nakamura, Y.Takaesu, T.Fujiwara, K.Uchima, K.Yagasaki, T.Nakama
Thermopower measurement under high pressure using seesaw heating method
28P111 J.Hayashi, K.Takeda, I.Shirotani, H.Kawamura, M.Inokuchi, K.Yakushi, H.Inokuchi
Pressure and Shear Stress Effects on the Absorption Spectra of Thin Films of Tetracene
28P112 K.Kobayashi, S.Komatsu
First-Principles Study of 6H-AlN under Hydrostatic and Anisotropic Compression
28P113 F.Isobe, T.Irifune, T.Shinmei, N.Nishiyama, H.Sumiya
Lower P, T boundaries for synthesis of nano-polycrystalline diamond
28P114 I.Shirotani, J.Hayashi, H.Kawamura, M.Inokuchi, H.Inokuchi
Shear stress effect on the B1-B2 transition in a thin film of KBr
at high pressure
28P115 Y.Nakamoto, H.Sumiya, M.Sakata, T.Matsuoka, K.Shimizu, T.Irifune, Y.Ohishi
Diamond Anvil Using Nano-polycrystalline Diamonds for the High-pressure Generation

Poster Session 29P
29P01 M.Araki
Explosive welding of metallic materials by fusion
29P02 K.Niwase, T.Homae, K.Nakamura, K.Kondo
Transformation from C60 fullerene into carbon spheres by shock compression
29P03 K.Niwase, T.Homae, K.G.Nakamura, K.Kondo
Transformation from C60 fullerene into polymerized phase and amorphous diamond by shock compression and rapid quenching
29P04 Cancelled
29P05 T.Atou, N.Kawai, K.G.Nakamura, K.Kondo, S.Ito, M.Kikuchi
Mechanism of nanofragmentation accompanied by shock-induced phase transition in mullite
29P06 N.Kawai, M.Yokoo, K.G.Nakamura, K.Kondo, T.Taniguchi, F.Saito
Hugoniot measurements of cubic boron nitride
29P07 O.F.Yagafarov, E.L.Gromnitskaya, A.G.Lyapin, V.V.Brazhkin
Elastic Properties of Fullerites C60 and C70 under Pressure
29P08 S.Sasaki, I.Niwa, T.Kume, H.Shimizu
High-Pressure Brillouin Study of Xenon Hydrate Structure I
29P09 I.Hernandez, R.H.C.Tan, P.B.Wyatt, W.P.Gillin
High-pressure study of non-radiative de-excitation mechanisms in long-lived perfluorinated organic erbium(III) materials.
29P10 L.Nataf, Y.Rodríguez-Lazcano, F.Aguado, F.Rodríguez, H.Wilhelm, A.Jephcoat
Progressive pressure-induced transformation from isolated MnX4 (Td) to exchange-coupled MnX6 (Oh) systems in A2MnX4 (X:Cl, Br) crystals
29P11 E.Tanis, M.Nicol, O.Tschauner, G.Shen, T.Toellner, W.Sturhahn, J.Zhao, E.Alp, H.Giefers, A.Alatas, M.Lerche
Phonon Density of States of Metallic Dy at High Pressure
29P12 S.F.León-Luis, U.R.Rodríguez-Mendoza, D.Errandonea, F.J.Manjón, P.Rodríguez-Hernández, I.R.Martín, Ch.Tu, G.Jia, D.Martínez-García, A.Muñoz, V.Lavín
Neodymium fluorescence-based probe of pressure-induced structural phase transition in SrWO4 crystals
29P13 A.Nakayama, Y.Tanaka, Y.Nishiyama, S.Nakano
Raman study of carbon nano-structured materials pressurized with H2
29P14 E.M.Dizhur, A.N.Voronovskii, A.V.Fedorov, S.V.Zaitsev-Zotov, I.N.Kotel’nikov, D.Yu.Ivanov
High Pressure Induced Crossover between Metal and Insulator Conductivity Type in Low Dimensionality Electron Systems.
29P15 M.Matsushita, T.Inoue, I.Yoshimi, E.Yamaoka, T.Irifune, F.Ono, H.Ogiyama, T.Kikegawa
Pressure-volume-temperature relations of Fe72Pt28 alloy under high pressures and temperatures
29P16 N.V.Melnikova, O.L.Kheifets, L.A.Saipulaeva, F.S.Gabibov, A.N.Babushkin, A.Yu.Mollaev
Optical and electrophysical properties of erroelectrics-semiconductors CuSnAsSe3 and CuInAsSe3
29P17 Y.Shirako, H.Satsukawa, H.Kojitani, T.Katsumata, M.Yoshida, Y.Inaguma, K.Hiraki, T.Takahashi, K.Yamaura, E.Takayama-Muromachi, M.Akaogi
Magnetic Properties of High-Pressure Phase of CaRuO3 with Post-perovskite Structure
29P18 L.J.Wang, S.M.Feng, J.L.Zhu, Y.S.Chai, K.H.Kim, C.Q.Jin
The ferroelectricity of high pressure synthesized perovskite manganites LuMnO3
29P19 A.B.Garg, V.Vijayakumar, S.N.Achary
Phase Stability of EuVO4 under Pressure: In-situ X-Ray Investigations
29P20 K.Hasegawa, M.Isobe, T.Yamauchi, H.Ueda, Y.Ueda, J.Yamaura, H.Gotou, T.Yagi, H.Sato
Ferromagnetic and Metal-Insulator Transitions in K2Cr8O16
29P21 A.Yamada, K.Matsubayashi, K.Munakata, N.Hara, A.Ochiai, T.Matsumoto, Y.Uwatoko
Effect of pressure on the electrical resistivity of CeZn3P3
29P22 M.I.Daunov, A.Yu Mollaev, R.K.Arslanov
Energy level of manganese InAs<Mn> under the pressure
29P23 V.V.Shchennikov, S.V.Ovsyannikov
High-pressure thermopower technique and its application
29P24 A.Ohmura, K.Fujimaki, M.Einaga, F.Ishikawa, A.Nakayama, Y.Yamada, M.Imai, N.Tsujii
Pressure dependence of superconducting-transition temperature of YbGa1.1Si0.9
29P25 A.V.Tsvyashchenko, L.N.Fomicheva, A.V.Salamatin, A.I.Velichkov, O.I.Kochetov, G.K.Ryasny, A.A.Sorokin, M. Budzynski
High-pressure study of UGe2 (Cu3Au type) by 111Cd-TDPAC
29P26 K.Glazyrin, O.Narygina, C.McCammon, L.Dubrovinsky, B.Hewener, V.Schoenemann, J.Wolny, K.Muffler, A.Chumakov
Electronic transition in hexagonal close packed iron under high pressure
29P27 S.Yamamoto, K.Takanohashi, T.Hara, S.Odani, A.Suzuki, T.Nishiumi
Effects of a High-Pressure Treatment on the Wheat Alpha-Amylase Inhibitor and Its Relationship to Elimination of Allergenicity
29P28 Y.Kim, T.Nishiumi, A.Suzuki, H.Ogoshi
Effects of a High-pressure Treatment on the Physical Properties and Palatability of Pork Loin
29P29 A.Shimizu, T.Takekiyo, Y.Yoshimura, M.Kato, Y.Taniguchi
Pressure Effect on the Conformational Equilibria of [Leu]5-Enkephalin in Water
29P30 N.Kamimura, S.Sotome, K.Nakajima, Y.Yoshimura, A.Shimizu
Transportable small high pressure preservation vessel for cell
29P31 S.Sotome, N.Kamimura, K.Nakajima, Y.Yoshimura, A.Shimizu
Effect of pressure on preservation of astrocytes
29P32 N.Erkan, H.Alpas, G.Üretener, S.Buzrul
Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) on Quality Parameters of Rainbow Trout and Horse Mackerel
29P33 S.Kawachi, T.Arao, Y.Hara, Y.Suzuki, K.Tamura
Effects of Compression with Ethane, Ethylene and Their Fluorinated Drivatives on Yeast Growth
29P34 A.Largeteau, I.Angulo, J.P.Coulet, G.Demazeau
Effects of High Pressure Processing on the properties of packaging materials for biological product
29P35 K.Minami, F.Ono, Y.Mori, K.Takarabe, M.Saigusa, Y.Matsushima, N.L.Saini, M.Yamashita
Strong anti-environmental character of Artemia under very high pressure
29P36 T.Fujiwara, Y.Suzuki, K.Tamura
Solubility measurements by in situ observation of the steps of protein crystals under high pressure
29P37 W.Hua , Z.Jian , C.Chang-chun , S.Si-le, Z.Guang-tian
Mutation Selection of Aspergillus oryzae by high hydrostatic pressure
29P38 T.Baba, S.Yamamoto, T.Hara, S.Odani, S.Atsushi, T.Nishiumi
Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Enzyme Hydrolysis of β-Lactoglobulin
29P39 Y.Segawa, H.Imamura, A.Shimizu, M.Kato
Effect of Pressure on the α-Helix Structure of Tetrameric Coiled-Coil Peptides
29P40 M.Nishimoto, M.Goto, N.Tamai, H.Nagamune, S.Kaneshina, H.Matsuki
Effect of Pressure on Interactions of Anti-fluorescent Probe Monoclonal Antibody with a Ligand and Inhibitors
29P41 K.Tada, M.Goto, N.Tamai, H.Matsuki, S.Kaneshina
Effect of Pressure on the Bilayer Phase Transitions of Asymmetric Lipids with an Unsaturated Acyl Chain in sn-1 Position
29P42 T.IZumikawa, Y.Nambu, K.Fujishige, M.Goto, N.Tamai, H.Matsuki, S.Kaneshina
Volume Behavior of Diacylphosphatidylcholine Bilayer Membranes: Pressure Perturbation Calorimetric and Densitometric Studies
29P43 S.Buzrul, H.Alpas, F.Bozoglu, A.Largeteau, G.Demazeau
Inactivation of Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua in pineapple juice by high hydrostatic pressure
29P44 Y.S.Yi, S.K.Lee
Effect of Network Modifying Cation on Pressure-Induced Structural Changes in Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts: High Resolution Solid-State NMR Study
29P45 T.Sakamaki, E.Ohtani, S.Urakawa, A.Suzuki, H.Terasaki, Y.Katayama, K.Funakoshi
Density and Structure of Basaltic Magma under High Pressure and High Temperature
29P46 N.Noguchi
Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Antigorite under High Pressure and Temperature
29P47 M.Nishi, T.Kubo, T.Kato , A.Tominaga , A.Shimojuku, N.Doi, K.Funakoshi, Y.Higo
Mechanisms and kinetics of the back-transformation of majoritic garnet into low-pressure phases and implications for ultradeep diamond
29P48 R.O.Shiraishi, E.Ohtani, N.Doi, A.Suzuki, T.Kubo, T.Kato, T.Kikegawa
High pressure deformation experiments using deformation-Cubic Anvil, D-CAP 700, with synchrotron X rays
29P49 E.Ito, T. Katsura, D. Yamazaki, A. Yoneda, M. Tado, T.Ochi, E. Nishibara, A.Nakamura
A New 6-axis Apparatus to Squeeze the Kawai-Cell of Sintered Diamond Cubes
29P50 H.Terasaki, K.Nishida, A.Suzuki, E.Ohtani, Y.Shibazaki, T.Sakamaki, T.Kikegawa
Density measurement of Fe-C liquid using X-ray absorption image under high pressure
29P51 Cancelled
29P52 T.Kunimoto, T.Irifune
Development of a 6-8-2 type multi-anvil apparatus and its application: pressure-induced phase transitions in GeO2
29P53 N.Tateiwa, Y.Haga
Appropriate pressure-transmitting media for cryogenic experiment in the diamond anvil cell up to 10 GPa
29P54 N.Ya.Minina, E.V. Bogdanov, S.S.Shirokov
Simple Apparatus for Moderate Wave Length Tuning by Means of Uniaxial Stress
29P55 H.Ohfuji
Laser heating in “nano-polycrystalline” diamond anvil cell - Application for melting experiments of iron
29P56 H.Gotou, T.Yagi
Trials on increasing the sample volume and extending the pressure range for Drickamer type high-temperature and high-pressure apparatus
29P57 H.Dekura, K.Shirai, A.Yanase
Metallicity of boron carbides at high pressure
29P58 F.Tian, Y.M.Ma, Z.He, T.Cui, G.T.Zou
Theoretical study of electron-phonon interaction in metal diborides
29P59 D.Varshney, M.W.Shaikh, I.Mansuri, R.K.Singh
Interpretation of Temperature-Dependent Resistivity of Ba doped LaMnO3 manganites
29P60 H.Tomono, M.Aoki, T.Iitaka, K.Tsumuraya
GPU Based Acceleration of First Principles Calculation
29P61 Cancelled
29P62 K.D.Joshi, S.C.Gupta, S.Banerjee
Shock Hugoniot and Equation of State of Osmium: Ab-Initio Calculations
29P63 R.Kobayashi, Y.Uchida, K.Hirayama, T.Yamazaki, H.Fukazawa, Y.Kohori, N.Takeshita
Development of Nuclear Magnetic and Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy under 10 GPa Class Pressure
29P64 K.Miyanishi, E.Brambrink, N.Ozaki, A.Bennuzzi-Mounaix, A.Ravasio, T.Vinci, A.Diziere, H.Wei, M.Koenig, R.Kodama
EOS Measurements of Pressure Scale Materials using Laser-driven Isentropic Compression Technique
29P65 S.Ono
Equations of state for solids determined by ab initio calculations and high-pressure experiments
29P66 M.Yokoo, N.Kawai, K.G.Nakamura, K.Kondo, Y.Tange, T.Tsuchiya
An ultrahigh-pressure scale based on the shock-compressed state of gold
29P67 Y.Akahama, H.Kawamura
Pressure calibration of diamond anvil Raman gauge to 410 GPa
29P68 S.Urakawa, H.P.Terasaki, K.Funakoshi, K.Uesugi, S.Yamamoto
High-pressure synchrotron x-ray micro-tomography at SPring-8
29P69 S.J.You, Z.Li, L.X.Yang, C.Dang, L.C.Chen, C.Q.Jin, J.Z.Hu, G.Y.Shen, H.K.Mao
High Pressure Induced Phase Transition in Chain Compound Li2CuO2
29P70 J.Abe, S.Harjo, A.Moriai, T.Ito, H.Arima, K.Aizawa, M.Arai, T.Hattori, K.Komatsu, M.Arakawa, H.Kagi, W.Utsumi
High Pressure Experiments with the Engineering Materials Diffractometer (BL-19) at J-PARC
29P71 T.Hattori, Y.Katayama, A.Machida, T.Otomo, K.Suzuya
For High-Pressure Neutron Experiments Using Total Scattering Diffractometer NOVA at J-PARC
29P72 A.M. dos Santos, J.Horita, C.A.Tulk, B.C.Chakoumakos
High-Pressure Diffraction Studies on H-D Isotope Effects in Brucite
29P73 W.Yang, G.Shen, H.K.Mao
Anomalous x-ray Diffraction studies of crystalline and amorphous materials under high pressure
29P74 T.Yamamoto, E.Chatani, M.Kato
Compression Recovery of β-Sheets of Heat Denaturated RNase A in Sucrose Solution
29P75 T.Kuribayashi, P.Dera, W.Yang, H.Liermann, T.Yamanaka, H.K.Mao, H.Russel
Single crystal X-ray diffraction study on PbTiO3 up to 58.9 GPa
29P76 K.Kusaba, T.Yagi, J.Yamaura, T.Kikegawa
Structural consideration of single crystal - single crystal transition in Zn(OH)2
29P77 W.Morgenroth, A.Friedrich, E.Haussüehl
High-pressure in situ single crystal X-ray diffraction with synchrotron radiation
29P78 K.V.Shanavas, S.M.Sharma
Molecular dynamics simulations of phase transitions in argon-filled single-walled carbon nanotube bundles under high pressures
29P79 T.Sakagami, K. Fuchizaki
Phase Diagram of a modified Lennard-Jones system
29P80 L.C.Wang, Z.He, Y.M.Ma, T.Cui, G.Zou
Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics of Hydrogen Sulfide under High Pressure
29P81 X.Meng, T.Cui, G.Chen, Z.He, Y.Ma, B.Liu, G.Zou
Ab initio study of solid phosphine under high pressure
29P82 S.Arumugam, P.Sarkar, P.Mandal, A.Murugeswari, S.Esakki Muthu, N.Mohan Radheep, C.Ganguli, K.Matsubayashi, Y.Uwatoko
Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in (Sm0.7Nd0.3)0.52Sr0.48MnO3
29P83 A.Fujii, T.Kondo, T.Taniguchi, T.Sakaiya
Magnetic transition in (Mg, Fe)O
29P84 I.Halevy, S.Salhov, A.Broide, A.Robin, O.Yeheskel, I.Yaar, A.F. Yue, J.Hu
HfIr3 under High pressure study, electronic and crystallographic structure
29P85 O.L.Kheifets, N.V.Melnikova, A.Yu.Mollaev, L.A.Saipullaeva, S.N.Kallaev, R.M.Ferzaliev, A.G.Alibekov, A.N.Babushkin
Electrical properties AgSnSbSe3 at pressures up 45 GPa
29P86 Y.Song, Z.Dong
High-pressure Studies of Nanostructured Tin Dioxide
29P87 W.B.Holzapfel
Equation of States for Solids with electronic Interconfiguration Crossing
29P88 M.Muraoka, H.Tayama, T.Suzuki, K.Nagashima
Behavior of Foreign Particles at a Growth Interface of Tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrates
29P89 J.L.Zhu, S.Lin, C.Q.Jin, X.H.Wang, C.F.Zhong, W.W.Cao
Effect of pressure on ferroelectric reentrance phenomenon in nano BaTiO3 ceramics
29P90 T.Imai, T.Kume, S.Sasaki, H.Shimizu, A.Kaltzoglou, T. F. Fässler
High pressure study on structural stability of tin clathrates
29P91 R.Yoganathan, R.Mammucari, N.R.Foster
Polycaprolactone synthesis and impregnation with Ibuprofen using supercritical carbon dioxide
29P92 F. Decremps, L. Belliad, B. Perrin
Elasticity and visco-elasticity at high pressure and high temperature using picoseconds acoustics in diamond anvils cell
29P93 F.Aguado, F.Rodriguez, A.R.Lennie
High-pressure structural evolution of the perovskite NH4MnCl3
29P94 J.S.He, H.Yang, W.Zhu, T.H.Mua
Phase Separation of Pressure-Induced Gelation from a Whey Protein Isolate
29P95 S.Odani, Y.Kanda, T.Hara, T.Joh, S.Yamamoto, T.Nishiumi, A.Suzuki
Peptides obtained by α-chymotryptic hydrolysis of ovomucoid under high pressure reduce immunoreactivity and induce oral tolerance in mice
29P96 S. Koseki, Y. Mizuno, K. Yamamoto
Predictive modeling for the recovery of Listeria monocytogenes on sliced cooked ham after high pressure processing
29P97 T.Shigematsu, M.Hayashi, K.Nakajima, Y.Uno, A.Sakano, M.Murakami, Y.Narahara, S.Ueno, T.Fujii
Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure on Distribution Dynamics of Free Amino Acids in Water Soaked Brown Rice Grain
29P98 L.Kulisiewicz, K.Song, C.Rauh, R.Benning, A.Delgado
Liquid-solid and gel-sol transitions under high pressure
29P99 D.He, J.Wang, T.S.Duffy
The stress and strain relation of diamond and gold under nonhydrostatic compression
29P100 D.Chen, T.Sasaki, J.Tang, L.C.Qin
Uniaxial-Pressure Effects to a Bundle of the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
29P101 (Moved to 29D07)
29P102 S.Radescu, A.Mujica, A.Muñoz, R.J.Needs
HgSe and HgTe under pressure: A first-principles theoretical study
29P103 O.Yu.Vekilova, A.S.Mikhaylushkin, S.I.Simak, I.A.Abrikosov
High-pressure high-temperature properties of iron: a first-principles study
29P104 S.I.Simak, A.S.Mikhaylushkin, I.A.Abrikosov, E.Yu.Zarechnaya, L.S.Dubrovinsky, N.Dubrovinskaia
Bonding in boron under pressure: a first-principles study
29P105 M.Jafari, K.Bayati, A.Jahandoost, N.Zarifi, M.Nobakhti, H.Jamnezhad
Role of s and d-electrons on the Density of State of Ti in high pressure
29P106 (Moved to 29D09)
29P107 H.J.Mueller, C.Lathe, J.Lauterjung, M.Wehber
Elasitc Wave Velocity Measurements in Multi-Anvil Devices in Conjunction with Synchrotron Radiation- Standard-Free Pressure Measurement
29P108 E.P.Skipetrov, N.A.Pichugin, L.A.Skipetrova, E.I.Slyn’ko, V.E.Slyn’ko
Electronic Structure and Structural Phase Transition in Pb1-xGexTe:Cr Under Pressure
29P109 A.Murugeswari, S.Arumugam, R.Thiagarjan, P.Sarkar, P.Mandal, T.Ishida, S.Noguchi
Uniaxial Pressure Effect on (Sm1-yNdy)0.52Sr0.48Mn03 Single Crystals
29P110 W.J.Evans, M.J.Lipp, K..Moore, P.Chow, Y.Xiao
X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy Studies of ƒ-Electron Systems at High Pressure: Cerium and Cerium Compounds
29P111 A.Maeno, H.Matsuo, K.Akasaka
Thermodynamic Characterization of Allergenic Protein. Hen Egg Ovomucoid
29P112 V.Kathirvel, S.Chandra, N.V.Chandra Shekar, P.Ch.Sahu, S.Moorthy Babu
Electronic Structure of URh3 up to 40 GPa

T.Nishiumi, Y.Takaya, T.Nojiri, S.Ichinoseki, A.Suzuki, H.Yoon,

Tenderizing Mechanism of Natural Sausage Casing Using High Hydrostatic Pressure in Comparison to That by Organic Acid Treatment

29P114 M.Baldini, G.Aquilanti, H.K.Mao, W.Yang, G.Shen, S.Pacarelli and W.Mao
High pressure EXAFS investigation of vitreous GeO2
29P115 I.Halevy, R.Carmon, M.Winterrose, O.Yeheskel, E.Tiferet, J.Hu
The effect of High-Pressure and high-Temperature on the crystallographic structure of Y2O3

Poster Session 30P
30P01 K.Tashiro, M.Murai, T.Mashimo, T.Kawasaki, Y.Komada, K.Koda
Hugoniot-measurement study of Teflon (PTFE)
30P02 K.D.Joshi, A.S.Rav, S.C.Gupta, S.Banerjee
Measurement of spall strength of Aℓ2024--T4 and SS304 in plate impact Experiments
30P03 H.Kishimura, H.Matsumoto, N.N.Thadhani
Effect of shock compression on single crystalline silicon
30P04 M.Bastea
Kinetics of pressure driven phase transformations - a unified treatment within the classical nucleation theory
30P05 M.Tsujino, T.Sano, N.Ozaki, O.Sakata, M.Okoshi, N.Inoue, R.Kodama, A.Hirose
Femtosecond laser-driven shock synthesis of high-pressure phases of silicon
30P06 D.V.Shakhray
Electroconductivity of aluminum hydride at high multiple shock pressure up to 1 Mbar
30P07 (Moved to 31C00)
30P08 Y.Hironaka, K.Shigemori, T.Kadono, K.Fujioka, K.Otani, M.Tanabe, A.Shiroshita, N.Ozaki, K.Miyanishi, T.Kondo, T.Sakaiya, K.Shimizu
Wide angle X-ray diffraction for shocked single crystal
30P09 K.Shigemori, K.Shimizu, A.Shiroshita, Y.Nakamoto, N.Ozaki, T.Kimura, K.Miyanishi, T.Endo, R.Kodama, T.Irifune, H.Sumiya, T.Sakaiya, T.Kondo, H.Takahashi, Y.Hironaka, T.Kadono
Multiple Shock Compression of Diamond Foils with Shaped Laser Pulse
30P10 Y.M.Rangel-Hernandez, J.C.Rendon-Angeles, K.Yanagisawa, Z.Matamoros-Veloza, M.I.Pech-Canul, J.L.Rodriguez-Galicia
Conversion of Mineral SrSO4 into SrTiO3 under Alkaline Hydrothermal Conditions
30P11 K.Takeda, N.Hoshi, J.Hayashi, C.Sekine, I.Shirotani, T.Yagi
Structural and electrical properties of new filled skutterudite compound BaRu4As12 prepared at high pressure
30P12 T.Katsumata, A.Aimi, Y.Inaguma, D.Fu, M.Itoh
Synthesis and physical properties of LiNbO3-type compounds, MnMO3 (M=Ti, Sn)
30P13 R.S.Liu, S.M.Filipek, H.T.Kuo, R.Wierzbicki, R.Sato
Hydrides of ZrxTi1-xCo2 (0≤x≤1) Laves Phases formed under High Hydrogen Pressure
30P14 X.Li, W.Gao, J.Zhang, F.Li, K.Yang, Q.Zhou, Q.Cui, G.Zou
Direct Synthesis of well-crystallized c-BCN compound by High Pressure and Temperature
30P15 B.X.Li, X.D.Zhao, F.G.Lu, X.Y.Liu
High Pressure Flux Synthesis of Cuprous Oxide Crystal Cu2O
30P16 L.Yu-Sheng, H.Hong-Liang, Y.Shi-Yuan, T.Jing-You
Study Research of Cubic Silicon Nitride under Super-High Pressure
30P17 A.V. Dobromyslov, N.I.Taluts, E.A.Kozlov
Effect of spherically converging shock waves on physicochemical transformation of the mixture of Al and SiO2 powders and modeling of the Earth’s interior
30P18 Y.Ohga, M.G.Rabbani, T.Takahashi
Dynamic Solvent Effects on Thermal Isomerization of Metal Dithizonates
30P19 A.Mimoto, H.Ikishima, H.Kotsuki
Organocatalytic Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction of Furan under High-Pressure Conditions
30P20 J.Yun, F.Jin, A.Kishita, K.Tohji, H.Enomoto
Formic acid Production from Carbohydrates Biomass by Hydrothermal Reaction
30P21 A.Tiwari, N.K.Gaur, P.Singh
Thermoelastic Properties of Mixed (NaCN)x(NaCl)1-x
30P22 T.A.Strobel, M.Somayazulu, R.J.Hemley
Pressure-Induced Compound Formation from Silane and Hydrogen
30P23 C.Sekine, T.Kachi, T.Yoshida, R.Abe, T.Namiki, K.Akahira, K.Ito
In-situ Observation of Crystallization of TSb3 (T=Co, Rh and Ir) under High Temperatures and High Pressures
30P24 Y.Takahashi, K.Igawa, K.Arii, H.Okada, H.Takahashi, Y.Kamihara, H.Hiramatsu, T.Watanabe, H.Yanagi, T. Kamiya, H.Hosono, K.Matsubayashi, Y.Uwatoko
Pressure effect on Superconducting Oxypnictide LaFePO1-xFx
30P25 J.Hayashi, K.Akahira, K.Matsui, H.Ando, Y.Sugiuchi, K.Takeda, C.Sekine, I.Shirotani, T.Yagi
Bulk moduli of superconducting skutterudites YT4P12(T = Fe, Ru and Os)
30P26 N.Nakae, J.Ishisada, H.Dekura, K.Shirai
Superconductivity of B-C Systems
30P27 K.Matsui, J.Hayashi, K.Akahira, K.Ito, K.Takeda, C.Sekine
Pressure-induced irreversible isosymmetric transition of TSb3 (T=Co, Rh and Ir)
30P28 A.Srivastava, N.K.Gaur
Elastic and Thermal Properties of La1-xSrxMnO3 Manganites
30P29 T.Hagihara, K.Shimizu
Study of superconductivity in low-Z metal elements
30P30 N.Oki, T.Kagayama, K.Shimizu, H.Kawarada
Pressure effect of superconducting transition temperature for Boron-Doped (111) Diamond films
30P31 H.Nagara, K.Mukose, T.Ishikawa, G.Masaaki
Origin of the simple modulated structures and the pressure induced superconductivity
30P32 H.Hirai, N.Takahara, T.Kawamura, Y.Yamamoto, T.Yagi
Changes in structure and preferential cage occupancy of ethane hydrate and methane-ethane mixed gas hydrate under high pressure
30P33 Y.Asahara, M.Murakami, Y.Ohishi, N.Hirao, N.Sata, K.Hirose
Measurements of sound velocity in liquid water at high pressures
30P34 E.Sugimura, T.Komabayashi, K.Hirose, N.Sata, Y.Ohishi, L.S.Dubrovinsky
Simultaneous high-pressure and -temperature volume measurements of H2O ice and the phase transition of ice VII
30P35 C.Muguruma, H.Okumura, Y.Okamoto
Monte Carlo simulation in multibaric-isothermal ensemble of liquid-liquid phase transitions in supercooled water
30P36 T.Ohtani, Y.Ohno, S.Sasaki, T.Kume, H.Shimizu
High-Pressure Raman Study of Methane Hydrate “Filled Ice”
30P37 T.Okada, M.I.Eremets, I.A.Troyan, T.Yagi
The ionic conductivity of ice at high pressures and temperatures
30P38 F.Datchi, S.Ninet, S.Klotz, A.M.Saitta, J.S.Loveday, M.Lazzeri, G.Hamel, R.J.Nelmes, B.Canny
Phase diagram and structure of ammonia at high pressure
30P39 T.Yamaguchi, T.Nagaki, K.Ito, K.Yoshida, S.Kittaka
Structural Transformation of High-Density to Low-Density Form of Supercooled Confined Water
30P40 T.Sakai, S.Kamada, H.Terasaki, E.Ohtani, N.Hirao, H.Asanuma, N.Sata, Y.Ohishi
Phase stability of (Fe, Ni)3S at ultra high pressure conditions
30P41 Y.Seto, D.Hamane, T.Nagai, K.Fujino
Synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies on solid carbon dioxide CO2-V
30P42 A.Shinozaki, H.Hirai, H.Kagi, D.Hamane, T.Kondo, T.Yagi
Polymerization of methane molecules and release of hydrogen under the Earth’s mantle conditions
30P43 A.Kolesnikov, V.G.Kutcherov, A.F.Goncharov
Dissociation and polymerization of methane under upper mantle pressure-temperature conditions: implications for abiotic hydrocarbon formation
30P44 T.Kadono, T.Sakaiya, Y.Hironaka, K.Otani, T.Sano, T.Fujiwara, T.Mochiyama, S.Fujioka, S.Sugita, Y.Sekine, A.M.Nakamura, M.Arakawa, K.Shigemori
Impact experiments with an impact velocity higher than 10 km/s and recovery of craters and ejecta
30P45 Cancelled
30P46 Cancelled
30P48 Cancelled
30P49 Y.Yoshimura, T.Takekiyo, H.Makiguchi, K.Hirayama
Pressure effect on the Coordination of Cl ions to Ln3+ ions in Anhydrous Methanol LnCl3 Solutions
30P50 T.Takekiyo, Y.Yoshimura, T.Koizumi
Pressure-induced Hydration Number Change of the Ln3+ ion in Aqueous LnCl3 Solutions
30P51 K.Yoshida, D.Kita, K.Nagashima, M.Aizawa, T.Ikeda-Fukazawa
Effects of foaming processes on structure of cellular PMMA foam
30P52 Y.Minamikawa, N.Kometani
High-Pressure Study of Solvation Properties of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
30P53 T.Makino
Dissolved-Carbon-Dioxide-Induced Changes in Vibrational States of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids
30P54 M.Ikeda, M.Aniya
Theoretical Analysis of the Temperature and Pressure Dependences of the Viscosity in Supercooled Liquids
30P55 Y.Suzuki, O.Mishima
Comparison between pressure-induced densification of glassy LiCl aqueous solution and polyamorphic transition of pure water
30P56 M.Vaccari, G.Aquilanti, S.Pascarelli, O.Mathon
High pressure local structural changes in amorphous and crystalline GeO2
30P57 T.Tsukatani, A.Chiba, K.Tsuji
Pressure-Induced Structural Change in Liquid Ge0.15Te0.85 alloy
30P58 M.Togaya
Erectrical Property Changes of Liquid Carbon under High Pressures
30P59 M.Sugisaki, A.Chiba, K.Tsuji
Pressure Dependence of Hopping Conduction in Amorphous Ge alloys
30P60 Y.Imai, H.Abe, T.Goto, T.Miyashita, Y.Yoshimura
Pressure-induced Phase Transition of Ionic Liquid [DEME][BF4]-H2O Mixtures
30P61 K.Nishida, E.Ohtani, A.Suzuki, H.Terasaki, T.Sakamaki, Y. Shibazaki, T.Kikegawa
Density measurements of liquid FeS at high pressure using X-ray absorption Image
30P62 K.Niwa, H.Ikegaya, M.Hasegawa, T.Yagi
Glass-Formation and Crystal Growth of group14 Oxides under High Pressure
30P63 Y.Kajihara, M.Inui, K.Matsuda, Y.Tomioka
Small-angle x-ray scattering and density measurements of liquid Se50-Te50 mixture at high temperatures and high pressures using synchrotron radiation
30P64 A.K.Mishra, N.Garg, K.K.Pandey, Y.Ohishi, S.M.Sharma
Is pressure induced amorphous phase really amorphous in zircon structured compounds?
30P65 M.Pravica, S.N.Tkachev, E.Kim, E.Romano, P.F.Weck
High pressure studies of 1, 3, 5, 7-cyclooctatetraene: Experiment and Theory
30P66 W.Gao, L.L.Gao, Q.L.Cui, G.T.Zou
High Pressure Raman Spectroscopic Study of Structural Polymorphism in Cyclopentane
30P67 K.Takemura, T.Watanuki, K.Ohwada, A.Machida, A.Ohmura, K.Aoki
Powder X-ray Diffraction Study of Ne up to 240 GPa
30P68 D.Ushijima, H.Kagi, A.Sano-Furukawa, K.Komatsu, R.Iizuka, S.Nakano
Vibrational spectra of δ-AlOOH and the implication to H-bonding symmetrization
30P69 H.Fukui, N.Hirao, Y.Ohishi
Stress conditions in He-Ne system
30P70 A.Srivastava, R.K.Singh, B.D.Diwan, R.Padegaonkar
High Pressure Behaviour of Earth’s Lower mantle oxide
30P71 G.Arai, K.Matsuishi
Size-Dependent Bulk Modulus and Deformation Potential of CdSe nanoparticles
30P72 C.Q.Jin, J.S.Zhou, Q.Q.Liu, J.G.Zhao, L.X.Yang, Y.Yu, T.Katsura, E.Itho, J.B.Goodenough
New perovskite compound obtained at high pressure & its implication to the origin of ferromagnetism in ruthenates
30P73 M.Yanmei, L.Fangfei, Z.Qiang, L.Min, W.Ping, C.Qiliang, Z.Guangtian
Later Heating Phase Transitions Study of Sulfates Under Pressure
30P74 S.Ghosh, E.Ohtani, A.Suzuki, K.D.Litasov, H.Terasaki, K.Funakoshi
Effect of Water on Post-spinel Transition and Implication for 660 km Seismic Discontinuity at the Earth's Mantle
30P75 S.Nakano, T.Nagatochi, H.Hyodo, K.Kimura, K.Shirai
High-Pressure Raman Scattering of α-Boron with Helium as a Pressure Medium
30P76 A.Machida, T.Watanuki, D.Kawana, K.Aoki
Pressure induced phase separation of rare-earth metal dihydrides
30P77 K.Nakajima, A.Shimizu, T.Takekiyo, Y.Yoshimura, T.Koizumi
Effect of Pressure on the Coordination Structure of Acetate-Rare Earth Complex in Water
30P78 D.Varshney, G.Joshi, N.Kaurav, R.K.Singh
Structural phase transition in Hg0.98Mn0.02S semiconducting compounds
30P79 S.M.Filipek, R.Sato, H.Tanaka, N.Kuriyama, N.Takeichi
Investigation of Y6Mn23 and YMn12 Intermetallic Alloys under High Hydrogen Pressures
30P80 N.Shimura, T.Takeichi, T.Kume, S.Sasaki, H.Shimizu, A.Ohmura, S.Orimo
High pressure Raman and Visible absorption study of AlH3
30P81 N.Garg, A.K.Mishra, K.V.Shanavas, A.K.Tyagi, S.M.Sharma
Structural transformations in Lithium erbium fluoride at high pressure
30P82 R.Miletich, C.Weikusat, D.Gatta, U.A.Glasmacher, C.Trautmann, R.Neumann
High-Pressure Behaviour of Heavy-Ion Irradiated Low-Cordierite
30P83 Cancelled
30P84 W.W.Lei, D.Liu, Q.S.Wang, J.Hao, X.H.Chen, Y.X.Jin, S.Wang, Q.L.Cui, G.T.Zou
Stability of the wurtzite-type structure indium nitride nanocrystalline under high pressure
30P85 R.Iizuka, H.Kagi, K.Komatsu, D.Ushijima, T.Nagai, S.Nakano, A.Sano-Furukawa
Pressure-induced phase transition of portlandite Ca(OH)2
30P86 D.Liu, W.W.Lei, J.Hao, X.H.Chen, Y.X.Jin, S.Wang, W.Gao, Q.L.Cui, G.T.Zou
High pressure Raman scattering study of antimony oxide
30P87 Y.Sakurai, A.Machida, K.Aoki
Observation of Pressure-induced Disproportionation Reaction of LaH2 Using Vibrational Spectroscopies
30P88 D.Orlikowski
High temperature and pressure elastic moduli for vanadium
30P89 Y.Yamada, Y.Hiura, Y.Onda, A.Nakayama, F.Ishikawa, A.Ohmura, S.Nakano, T.Kagayama
Structural changes of the Pr2Ba4Cu7O15-δ Oxide Superconductors under high pressure
30P90 W.J.Nellis
P. W. Bridgman's Contributions to the Foundations of Shock Compression
30P91 Y.Li, L.Zhang, X.Li
Hugoniot Property of MB2 Magnesium Alloy under Low Pressure
30P92 (Moved to 29D06)
30P93 S.Eliezer, J.M.Martinez Val, M.Piera, N.Nissim
The diamond anvil cell (DAC) as a device for measuring the alpha decay lifetime of elements at extreme conditions
30P95 A.Inoue, M.Okuno, H. Okudera, T.Mashimo, E.Omurzak, S.Katayama, M.Koyano
Shock compression of synthetic opal
30P96 K.Wakabayashi, T.Matsumura, Y.Nakayama, E.Yamada, M.Koshi
Development of laser-driven shock compression system with a line-imaging ORVIS to determine the Hugoniot equation-of-state
30P97 T.Kimura, N.Ozaki, T.Okuchi, T.Mashimo, A.Hirose, M.Ikoma, T.Kakeshita, T.Sano, T.Sano, K.Shimizu, T.Terai, R. Kodama
Static compression experiments using phosphor bronze gasket and new anvil material for coupling technique of laser-shock and precompression target
30P98 K. V. Khishchenko
Multiphase Equations of State for Metals in Shock Waves
30P99 Q.Li, B.Liu, L.Wang, D.Li, R.Liu, B.Zou, T.Cui, G.Zou, Y.Meng, Z.Liu, H.Mao, Y.Li, J.Liu, J.Li
Synthesis of TiO2-B Nanoribbons and Their High Pressure Study
30P100 P. I. Polyakov
The laws of bulk elasticity in formation of structural phase transitions of magnetic, conducting, resonance properties of magnet-containing media
30P101 S.Hirai, S.Klemme, G.Bromiley, S.Harley, P.Attfield
Characteristics of CaIrO3 post-perovskite and related compounds
30P102 K.Oguri, K.Seimiya, T.Nakao, T.Atou, M.Kikuchi, M.Kawasaki, H.Kezuka, T.Suzuki
Preparation of non-equilibrated phase ofW-Cr alloy frommixed particle
30P103 Z.P.Li, B.B.Liu, Y.Y.Hou, L.Wang, B.Zou, T.Cui, G.T.Zou
The study of structural phase transition of Y2O3/Eu3+nanotubes under high pressure
30P104 M.Iwao, M.Okuno
Structure change of soda-silicate glass by mechanical milling
30P105 (moved to 29P114)
30P106 R.Murao, M.Kikuchi, T.Atou, K.Kusaba, K.Fukuoka, K.Sugiyama, Y.Syono
Superconducting phase prepared from Ta3Si under high pressure
30P107 H.Zhou, F.Jin, B.Wu, J.Cao, J.Yun, A.Kishita
Production of Lactic Acid from C6-polyols by Alkaline Hydrothermal Reactions
30P108 Y.Zheng, F.Jin, Y.Zhang, B.Wu, J.Cao, J.Yun , A.Kishita
Hydrothermal Conversion of Glucose to Mannitol Using Formic Acid as a Reductant
30P109 F.Iwase, K.Furukawa, T.Nakamura
13C NMR Investigation of Low-temperature States in One-dimensional Organic Cation Radical Salt, (TMTTF)2SbF6 , under high pressures
30P110 (Moved to 29D08)
30P111 M.Guthrie, E.Soignard, C.J.Benmore, S.A.Amin, J.Yarger
X-ray diffraction from liquid water up to ~5 GPa
30P112 Y.Taniguchi, A.Okuno, M.Kato
Pressure Effects on the Structure, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Properties of Heat-induced Aggregation of Equine Serum Albumin Studied by FT-IR Spectroscopy
30P113 K.Takeda, T.Sasaki, J.Hayashi, S.Kagami, I.Shirotani, K.Yakushi
X-ray and optical studies of one-dimensional bis(dimethylglyoximato)Pd(II), Pd(dmg)2
30P114 T.Naka, T.Mousavand, K.Sato, T.Nakane, M.Taguchi, S.Takami, T.Adschiri
Crystallographic and magnetic states of Cobalt Oxide Nanocrystals Synthesized in Sub- and Supercritical Water
30P115 S.J.Gaudio, C.E.Lesher
Relaxation and densification of vitreous NaAlSi3O8 in the Tg interval