Last updated on 29 July, 2009.

This joint conference will combine the 22nd biennial AIRAPT conference and the 50th annual High Pressure Conference of Japan.

High pressure science and technology made a great progress since the pioneering works by P. W. Bridgman and it became an indispensable tool in various areas of modern science such as Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science, Materials Science, and Biosciences. This conference will be an interdisciplinary conference on high pressure science and technology, covering various topics related to all these areas. Exchange of ideas in different fields played essential role for the development of high pressure science and technology and we hope that we can provide good opportunity for the intimate exchange of various discipline.
This conference is going to be the third AIRAPT conference held in Japan and the first held in Tokyo area. The venue of the conference, Odaiba, is a new part of Tokyo made on an artificial island in Tokyo bay and we hope many participants can enjoy the meeting.